This is where administrators will announce any changes made, or other important updates concerning After the Flash in general. Any changes made here must use a certain format.

10/2/2017 - Update to Message Walls from Talk Pages

I (Caadence) have decided that the nature of talk pages were too easy to exploit, and therefore I have replaced them with message walls, which allows communication to be more straightforward and organized. Any concerns or questions can be asked below.

- Caad

10/18/2017 - A: Update to Bans and B: Stuff to look forward to

Hi! I've been off for a while due to school but I'm finally back, and ready to continue work on the wikia and stuff. So a ew things 

  1. Creating useless pages that only create clutter will now result in a one week block. This includes creating pages specifically for fan content (this includes unapproved fan factions).
  2. I plan to create a category for fan content (Fan content being fan art, fan fictions, and stuff like that). It will be a seperate category, and it will have a home page. Guidelines for how that will work will be posted soon (A week, most likely). 

- Caad


Been out for a bit, family/IRL shit, quit ATF, but I've come back, to hopefully continue my work on this wiki. <3 

- Caad


I will be eliminating the Fan Content section, and soon will be implementing more lore friendly areas. My decision to this is because I want this wikia to be only about After the Flash, and events concerning After the Flash and all canon lore. I'll be removing said section within a week, along with the sub categories and the pages, within a week. - caad