Emblem of the Whitman Health Center

The Whitman Health Center, originally a small clinic located in Whitman Bay that developed into a large scale 'Health Center' in the bay that was made due to the dire large need of trained medical professionals in the area

Basic Information Edit

The Whitman Health Center was founded at a unknown time due to the large need of a health center to treat the civilian population and provide health-care to the citizens. When it was founded it began receiving medical supplies from the USCPF and the RCO.

Services/Roles Edit

The Whitman Health Center on its original founding did not offer as much services as it does in present day but it eventually evolved to offer many more. The Whitman Health Center manages and employs all the current paramedics and there ambulances in the whitman region controlling, managing and training them. It aswell employs therapists ranging from physical rehabilitation and mental help to those in need of it.

Non - Medical Personnel and there roles

  • Medical Records Clerk - This job sits at the front desk, and attends to patients. They log staff in, provide medical records and some other jobs.
  • Volunteer- Basic workers of Whitman Health Center. They mostly move stuff around for the doctors, and serve as the equivalant of interns. The staff trains them in the role they want to pursue in the healthcenter
  • Security Guard - They help secure the clinic from attackers trying to steal medicine or visitors going into restricted area's

Medical Personnel and there roles

  • Nurse - The nurses job is to assist the doctors or surgeons in there roles as they are doing there job, There main goal is assisting a doctor during surgery
  • Medical Physician- Physicians handle standard physical tests, They handle injuries or sickneses ranging from the common cold to broken bones. However they leave surgery to the surgeons though.
  • Paramedic - The Paramedic patrols around northside taking back any critically ill citizens in northside who require medical attention.
  • Therapist - The Therapist's job ranges from mental help (Hosting sessions with mental ill or citizens suffering from trauma) to providing physical rehabilitation services (Helping patients who have lack of muscle strength and need therapy etc)
  • Surgeon - They provide surgery to all patients who require it
  • Anesthesiologist - They provide Anesthesia during surgery and will sometimes assist the surgeon and act as a nurse if there are non available

Leadership Edit

The Leadership of the Whitman Health Clinic is quite simple, It is led by the Chief Physician, Secondary to him is The Assistant of the Chief Physician which multiple can be at a time, Then there is the Director of Staff who manages and assists in training new staff members

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