Welcome jumper, to the land of post nuclear admins, trolls, doge, etc. 

    Your budget is 1000+ CP. 

    • Drop-in (Free): You wake up with no new memories to guide or distract you. You know nothing but what you already know about the universe, assuming your character even plays roblox lmao

    • SEAL training (30 CP): 

    • Lightsaber (30 CP+): A red, cross guarded lightsaber forged by the mcfuckery of weapon packs. Can cut through basically anything except super SEAL armor. 
    • SEAL power armor (CP depends, free SEAL training): A suit of SEAL power armor, with a few variants. Check SEAL for detailed stats.
      • Jumpsuit (10 CP): the suit worn underneath power armor. It does not protect against any sort of bullet or plasma bolt, but it's comfy. 
      • Power armor (100 CP): A sui…

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    The Adventures of Sandy

    March 26, 2017 by THEJJRAT

    Sandy, an explorer from Alabama, went to wherever Sandstorm takes place to find gold and riches. 

    • Sandy: A traveler who's interested in gold, history, eggs, and technology. While he can be a hillbilly "Sweet Home Alabama"-singing pothead, he becomes seemingly friendly and intelligent when he's interested in things. Not including gold. 
    • Luis Jorge: A bounty hunter who quickly befriended the gold loving Sandy. 
    • Jeremy: Sandy's pet headcrab. 

    • Tylef: Sandy's second brother. Became a ghoul after drinking eight bottles of Nuka Cola. 
    • Can't remember the name: Luis' cousin. Drank three Bonk! Atomic Punches in one sitting. And lost his legs. 
    • Sandy's dad: A literal cow. 
    • Sandy's mother: a death claw. 
    • Gordon: Was mentioned by Sandy, to have found the map t…

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    My characters

    February 24, 2017 by THEJJRAT
    • Alpha (edgy scp oc) (Rain)
    • Gordon (scavenger who has SEAL armor becuz fruk lore) (Sandstorm)
    • Vlad (Slav who's friends with an ex-SEAL who somehow lived all the way to ATF6)
    • Taco Man (Sandstorm)
    • A mutant that I cant remember the name of, all the way back in the old ATFs
    • A robo seal spider, who's the pet of an ammo merchant in Docktown (Sandstorm)
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    Taco Man's Tacos

    February 24, 2017 by THEJJRAT

    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lamo it's a blog I do whatever I want yes *vodka* Taco Man's Tacos is a company operating in Dock Town. It is owned by Taco Man, a mysterious Mexican from some other place. He once came to Dock Town, setting up a shop and selling free tacos to visitors.

    It was formed in 2069, when Taco Man visited Dock Town to buy taco meat. He decided to stay, setting up shop in that one store thing with the cash register. He regularly sold free tacos, but this was halted when he was robbed by "Taco Stealer". He fought off Taco Stealer, but lost a hefty amount of tacos. He sought tighter security, and eventually hired a guy wearing bunny ears to become his "Taco Chef/Maker". Taco Man then dubbed himself as Taco Seller, and sold free taco…

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    After the Flash: Osaka?

    December 29, 2016 by THEJJRAT

    Is there anyway to still play this? The chat covers many features of the GUI (mainly the X button on the loot thing), making it literally unplayable. 

    Fix plox

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