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    Fanfac Ramblings

    August 17, 2015 by 007rutger

    So I've decided to write a fan faction lore.

    In 2042, about a decade after the flash, there was a man. This man was in a cold place, known as the Yukon. A former territory of Canada, it still retained national pride, and had flourished greatly in the postwar environment, despite the cold. The reason? It was small enough to be ignored by military planners, remote enough to be ignored by civilian bureaucrats, yet large enough to allow a provisional government to be set up while the radioactive rubble of Ottawa was shoved away.

    This man was known as John Winterstone. He founded this organization, the Northern Lights Army, or NLA, as a gang of sorts. Being a paramilitary group of former soldiers and other survivors, the NLA was seen by some as j…

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