United States Marine Corps

The USMC (United States Marine Corps) was at one point a strong for

ce in the war. They are a sort of precursor to the USCPF. They launched a full-scale coastal invasion on China before the nukes hit. A group of them crashed into the city of Osaka, Japan after EMP waves took down their ship. They don't exist after the events of ATF 2 to our knowledge, if only in tiny remnants. You can see their former equipment all over the wasteland. Track Town in ATF 3 was built by a crashed UR-22, one of their many vehicles.

The US Army is now mostly in the hands of the USCPF. As you can see in most of the games, they have pre-war technology and locations. They have UR-22s for supplies, they have a US Coast Guard base in Rockport, FL. The USMC is now almost (if not completely) extinct. In ATF 5, you can see tanks and ships on the Beach Overpass, and also a warship in the dried out desert of an ocean behind Crane Town, which can be explored. There is also a small place to stay in the tower of a bank, which can be easily spotted because of the UR-22 sticking out of it.

Equipment: Light weapons


ATF 2: USMC Camp

ATF 5: Beach Overpass