The USCPF Pack is a weapons pack for After the Flash: Rain, introduced in version 1.0.4. It gives players access to the weapons of the United States Civilization Preservation Force of the mid-to-late 2090s. They are touted to be of high quality.


The ASR-50 is a semiautomatic, anti materiel rifle, with a ten round capacity. As its name implies, it fires a .50 calibre bullet. It is a sniper rifle, with all the features of sniper rifles. Based on the AS-50.


The Levi-3 is a light semi-automatic mag-fed 5.56x45mm assault rifle. With high velocity, maintainable recoil, and extreme accuracy. Developed pre-war, it was favored by most military personel, and was produced as standard issue for the United States Civilian Preservation Force. Another variant is the Levi-3C, a civilian model, using .223 and a lower velocity.


The Mendel is a .45 ACP high-velocity standard issue military pistol. Having a high fire rate and packs a punch makes up for its poor accuracy. Recoil is balanced, and is mag-fed by ten rounds.

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