The USCPF is the strongest faction in North America, rivaled only by the combined forces of Brazil and the PRT. The USCPF's goals are to eradicate Mutants, prevent the spread of the RAD Viruses, preserve the pre-flash American lifestyle, and to restore the American civilization to power. Their way of going about things is usually traditional to pre-war U.S. military; still keeping functioning bases, boot camps, etc. During the 2nd American Civil War (or the Atlanta Crisis), USCPF units stationed in the American West remained uninvolved in the conflict while units in the East fought tooth and nail to defend and retake US territory. This caused a rather confusing state of political affairs as half the nation was engaged in total war with the CDF and the MEB while the other half remained supportive of the US war effort yet ultimately neutral and uninvolved in terms of militaristic affairs.

Due to the events of the Atlanta Crisis, the USCPF was forced to reform itself into a large, conventional military capable of taking on its Southern enemies. New military hardware such as the Levi-3, one of the best weapons in the world, was designed and put into production. Vehicles like the M98 McCormmick were thrown onto the assembly line, giving the USCPF a large, if not very good, force of tanks. With the very survival of the United States in jeopardy, the Military was given a new, massive budget, being able to afford wonders such as the B-21, the F-22, and the F-35. With the majority of USCPF forces stationed along the Eastern border with the PRT, both the USA and the PRT anxiously prepare for the fight they know is is going to come.
The USCPF Logo

The Seal of the USCPF

Theaters Edit

By the events of Deep Six, the USCPF is stationed in 3 theaters across North America. These are referred to as the Alaskan Front, the Eastern Front, and the Western Front. In the Alaskan Front, the USCPF is tasked with defending vital oil pipelines, towns, private companies, and anything of economic and strategic value against a constant hail of Canadian bandits and rogue organizations. According to RAD Radio FM, the USCPF has been running into severe logistical problems on this front. The USCPF must somehow find a way to connect the Alaskan oil pipeline with the Californian oil pipeline or risk a total logistical crisis.

The Western Front consists of sections of the American West Coast along with the entirety of Hawaii. The USCPF's task here is to maintain peace, prevent an invasion from the CDF or the MEB, and to aid in the effort of rebuilding infrastructure, cities, and other things of strategic or economic value.

The Eastern Front is located along the USA's border with the PRT in the American Southeast and Midwest. During the 2nd American Civil War, the USCPF suffered great and severe losses in the Eastern front as its forces proved to be totally unprepared for the joint CDF-MEB surprise attack. Many states fell to the invasion forces of the PRT during the early years of the war until the Americans could finally halt the staunch advance at the bloody and decisive battle of Kansas City. Counterattacking soon afterwards, the USCPF was able to gain back roughly half of its lost territory. The damage had been done, however. A new PRT was left standing and triumphant, controlling the Southern half of Georgia, half of Tennessee, the entire Deep South, and considerable portions of the American Midwest and former Mexico. Today, the Eastern Front is located along the many contested zones along the USA-PRT border. By the events of D6, the Eastern Front has turned to conflict once again.

Equipment Used by the USCPF Edit

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The USCPF employs a wide variety of equipment, and is considered to be the most well-supplied faction in North America. Wielding some of the most advanced technology in the world, most American equipment is extremely powerful and robust. American infantry are equipped with high-quality industrial grade supplies, uniforms, weapons, and armor; when compared to the infantry equipment of the CDF, the USCPF's own equipment ranges from nearly identical in quality to vastly superior in almost all aspects. The USCPF's vehicular ground force is also formidable, made up of a huge arsenal of cheap, mass-produced vehicles in extremely large quantities. The American Navy is also vastly superior to the PRT's, although an equal match for the Naval forces of the Brazilian Republic. In terms of aircraft, the USCPF completely stomps any and all of its rivals, including the Brazilian Republic. A much more in-depth view can be found on the main page.

In the Community Edit

The USCPF has been a major player in the main ATF Universe since the first game, not counting Osaka. Under the years, the USCPF has gone through many reforms and changes, with leadership changing hands many times. The "Spoofy USCPF" is often mocked for being subpar compared to other ownerships of the faction. The USCPF is currently owned by genraljacob, with Roycewicz404 transferring power to the former general in June of 2017.


  • cIone_troopers
  • America_Actual
  • Havoc_Seko
  • LordGeneralCodex
  • NKHL


  • Roycewicz101
  • LightningSkittlez
  • Roycewicz404
  • Wise_Freedom
  • Kbotmister

Subdivisions Edit

The USCPF has two unique subdivisions specialized for fulfilling specific roles:

The USCPF Marine Division (USCPFMD) Edit

By the early 22nd century (or possibly the late 21st), the Marines are more than likely a separate branch of the American Military. In this regard, the USCPFMD is nothing more than a command element of the USMC. However, in the years leading up to the Atlanta Crisis, the Marines were most likely a legitimate sub-branch of the main Army. Until the Atlanta Crisis caused massive reformation within the American military, the USCPFMD would be an actual unit

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