The USCPF has been around ever since 2033. Back in the old days, we wanted to rid the US of mutated survivors. We still hold this prejudice to this day. Over the years, we have helped develop new cities around the war-torn USA and we have a constant flow of fresh supplies from well-protected factories in the American Midwest and northeast. We prefer helping only close allies, but are willing to give medical assistance and nourishment to the residents of impoverished areas. We seek to rebuild the once-great United States of America to her former glory.

Weapon Guide:

The standard gear of US Forces (Or USCPF, doesn’t matter to me.)

The US employs a variety of weapons, and is considered the most well-supplied factions in the United States (Although, by today’s standards, they’re not that well off, not by a long shot). Even though the US can basically use whatever they want, but probably won’t take it too kindly if you’re using weapons such as M4A1’s, AK-47’s, M24’s, etc., which are outdated by the time most ATF games take place.

In the US, most forces are equipped with a variation of the Levi in 2090’s, while some may have weapons such as the TSR, Generally, from the creation of the USCPF to the 2090’s, the US were mainly equipped with the TSR

The standard issue sidearm is the Mendel

The US forces are usually given a pair of fatigues, a rig, and helmet, along with their weapons, they’d also be given some basic kits, such as a mess kit, a canteen, or whatever.

Standard US forces have access to equipment such as ■ Entrenching tool, or combat shovel. ■ Combat knife/Bayonet ■ Combat Axe ■ Binoculars ■ Flashlight ■ Map ■ Gas Mask (It’s very unlikely for a US troops to be carrying all of this gear, only a couple of them would.)

US has access to throwables (i.e Frag grenades, Smoke grenades, Flashbangs), but it’s uncommon for them to be carrying them. (You’d probably see this equipment commonly with the MR’s+, Special forces, etc.)

Standard forces do not have any equipment such as body armor (Though, this may be different in some games), image enhancing items (NVG’s, Thermal imaging, Sonar, or that kind of stuff.), and weapon attachments (An exception may be basic equipment, like a magnifying scope, such as an 8x) since the US can’t arm all of its forces with such equipment.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a short list of weapons that the US employs within its forces. Not all weapons will be listed due to the nature that most weapons that the US uses are unknown, and for the fact that most of them are added continously throughout the games.

■ After The Flash 6 ■

Levi ■ Varies from 20 to 100 round magazines Developed by US forces in the 2090’s. Seen in the hands of almost all US forces by 2115, it’s a proven design, with many variants of it being in use by US Forces. The Levi is also tested to outperforms all existing weapons in the world. It’s chambered to either fire the 7.62x51mm NATO or 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges, depending on the variant being used.

Adaptive Battle Rifle ■ 20 round magazine Developed by H&K, the Adaptive Battle Rifle is a gas-operated Marksman Rifle that uses 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges. Introduced and manufactured in Germany. It is a rare sight to see such weapons being used by US forces within all fronts

MR01 ■ 20 round magazine Developed by the Atlas Corporation, the Modular Rifle Mod 0 and 1 is a weapon can be configured to fire the standard 5.56x45mm NATO or the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge by switching the receiver, it’s held in by pins which can be easily taken out. It can be seen used by a number of US units

Mendel ■ 10 round magazine The Mendel is a post-flash standard issue US pistol based on the popular preflash M-11 design. The Mendel is semi-automatic pistol chambered in .45 ACP. It is issued to troops in all US fronts.

Hyke ■ 12 round magazine Chambered in the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge, the Hyke is a civilian-grade bolt action rifle common throughout the country. It sometimes serves as a weapon for the marksman role for the US, but other than that, it is rarely seen used by US forces.

Draica ■ 6 round tube-fed magazine The Draica is a pump action shotgun that is used by the US in the east. The Draica uses the 12 gauge #00 buckshot.

TSR ■ 21 round magazine The TSR or Tactical Service Rifle, was the standard issue rifle for US forces in the 2030s-80s. And was phased out of service, but since the second American civil war has occurred, the US has brought many of the rifles out of storage and reissued them to some units within the US.


■ After The Flash 3/5 ■

ASR-50 ■ 10 round magazine Chambered in the 12.7x99mm NATO (.50 BMG), it is an anti-material rifle that is usually seen being used by US forces, although, it’s uncommon to find US carrying one.

Reiner-7 ■ 50 round box magazine The Reiner-7 is a fully-automatic light machine gun chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO the weapon is the standard issue light machine gun for US forces in the west.

Mendel ■ 10 round magazine The Mendel is a post-flash standard issue US pistol based on the popular preflash M-11 design. The Mendel is semi-automatic pistol chambered in 10mm Auto (10x25). It is issued to troops in all US fronts.

4-Gauge ■ 6 round tube-fed magazine The 4-Gauge is a post-flash replication of the pump-action shotgun which was used alongside the M1014 pre-flash in the US army. As the standard service shotgun for the US in the west, it fires a 4-gauge shell, hence the name.

Spas-12 ■ 6 round tube-fed magazine Designed in the 20th century, the Spas-12 is a pre-flash shotgun used by the US, and like the Mendel-11 and TSR, is slowly being phased out for more modernized weapons, such as the 4-Gauge shotgun. It fires the 12 Gauge #00 Buckshot

Mendel-11 ■ 10 round magazine The Mendel-11 is a pre-flash pistol that is being phased out of the US for the modernized Mendel and Maxwell pistols. The Mendel-11 is a .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol that is no longer standard issue for US forces but can still be found with older officers and soldiers of the US.

Colt M1911 ■ 7 round magazine This extremely iconic weapon makes a return to the forces of the US, making it the standard issue pistol for support gunners of the US. It chambers the .45 ACP and it’s effectiveness is on par with the Mendel-11.

TSR ■ 21 round magazine The TSR or Tactical Service Rifle, was the standard issue rifle for US forces in the 2030s-80s. It is currently being phased out just like the Mendel-11 for more modernized weapons. The TSR comes in two versions, a burst rifle or a fully automatic light machine gun both being chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. The TSR LMG variant is extremely rare and hasn’t been in use since the 2040s and 50s.

Application: its on the group page :)

Uniform rules: The underlying rule:

Customs cannot be made without it being based off the OFFICIAL Uniform, meaning you cannot use any other uniform templates except the ones currently active in the group store. You also can't sell custom uniforms to others.


■ How do I get a custom approved?

Customs must be sent to [C] ranks to be approved. Wearing an unapproved custom will result in a demotion.

To do this, show a [C] rank a .png file of the custom, and link the item in the catalog.

■ What is allowed?

The purpose of a custom is to improve it or to add a small touch to the uniform that would make it unique. Small edits are allowed. This means things such as removing one glove, adding a small tattoo or changing a pouch on the rig.

■ What is not allowed?

Extreme modifications of the uniform are not allowed. Adding a new rig, changing the color of the BDU and adding a jacket over the uniform are examples

Torn or damaged uniforms are not allowed.

Adding flags of any kind (State flags, ACMF, CDF) are not allowed.

A different color scheme is also not allowed. For example, changing the gloves so that they’re tan.

■ Some things to note

Uniforms can be unapproved without warning by any [C] rank

Subdivisions may have extra rules on customs being brought into their group, so you would want to talk to the owner before creating a custom intended for the group.

Guides for USCPF:

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