2019: ACMF Formed.


  • 2020: DECorp is founded
  • 2026: World War Three begins


  • 2032: End of the war; the Flash.
    • ACMF invades southeastern United States through Venezuela.
    • United States invades mainland China.
    • The Outer Banks are hit by several nukes.
    • Rockport is hit by several nukes.
    • Pearl City is hit by two nukes.
    • Las Vegas & Boulder City are hit by three nukes.
    • All state capitals, major population centers, industrial/economic centers, and large military bases are nuked. The air becomes unclean to breath and a nuclear winter ensues.
  • 2033: USCPF formed.
  • 203X: CDF formed.
  • 2034: Nuclear winter begins.
  • 2035: GCSA formed
  • 2039: After the Flash: Deep Winter takes place.


  • 204X: Nuclear winter is less severe in some places.
  • 2047: After the Flash takes place.


  • 2052: MEB formed.
  • 2054: After the Flash: Osaka takes place.
  • 2054: In theory, the nuclear winter should've ended by this time.
  • 2055: CDF buys land in Rockport, Florida from the USCPF in order to build their territory gates.
  • 2056: Docktown built by CDF.


  • 2061: UEBC formed.
  • 2067: After the Flash: Sandstorm takes place.
  • 2068: RCO formed.


  • 207X: Construction of New Atlanta begins, several miles south of Atlanta.
  • 2077: Murica gets nuked by china.


  • 208X: CDF and USCPF make groundbreaking deals.
  • 208X: People begin abandoning scrap towns for more stable living conditions.
  • 208X: Towns of brick and concrete begin reappearing.
  • 208X: International trade picks up.
  • 2085: Masterson Facility finished.
  • 2089: Sandsharks capture Masterson Facility.
  • 2089: Howell Faulkner becomes king of the UEBC.
  • 208/9X: USCPF prepares to fight what it calls terrorists in Pearl Harbor.
  • 208/9X: CDF gains control of Masterson Facility, averting the USCPF antiterrorism campaign.


  • 2096: The Atlanta Crisis occurs.
    • Several high-ranking CDF and USCPF officials are assassinated.
    • There is a large military conflict in downtown New Atlanta.
    • People's Republic of Tidewater forms.
    • Anti-PRT/MEB CDF survivors form the Reds.
  • 209/10X: The PRT, with the help of Brazil, begins taking land from the US.
  • 2098: Marshals Formed
  • 2098: The Battle of Kansas City occurs, turning the war in the US's favor.
    • The US gains back large portions of land it lost in '97 and '96.
    • Morale and support for the war heavily increases for the north.


  • 2100: TIFEPOL formed.
  • 2101: RCO begins to make contact with US forces.
  • 21XX: Vault 13's Water chip breaks so they send out the chosen one to help
  • 2103: Rockport, the last US stronghold, falls into the PRT heartland. The RCO in this time as well have landed in Hawaii as an expeditionary force.
  • 2103: After the Flash: Rain takes place.


  • 2115: After the Flash: Deep Six takes place.
  • 211X: Corsairs fleet wiped out by RCO
  • June 21st, 2115: An artillery exchange between Fort Wilmington and Fort Shad happens..
    • Fort Shad's barracks, HR rooms, comms center, and cafeteria are blown up.
    • Fort Wilmington's barracks, vehicle repair center, comms center, and cafeteria are blown up.
    • Several USCPF and CDF tanks, APCs, and artillery pieces are blown up.
    • Southside's Soup Shark and post office are blown up.
    • A part of the Tidewater side of the Halfmoon Bridge is blown up.
  • June 25th, 2115: The USS Winfall is attacked by an experimental MEB railgun tank.
  • June 27th, 2115: Soup Shark and Post Office rebuilt from scrap.
  • June 30th, 2115: MEB checkpoints are constructed around Southside.
  • July 4th, 2115: USCPF bomber flies over Southside.
    • The Court House, Pharmacy, and all of the MEB checkpoints are completely or somewhat destroyed.
    • USCPF Bomber is shot down by an MEB AA emplacement. The bomber crashes into the farm nearby.