This is an unofficial timeline of the main After the Flash canon, and doesn't include Darkness. It is best read with the lore in a tab beside it, as it offers details. ALERT: If this is going to be a timeline, then a non-official faction cannot be on this. In addition the date to the founding of the ACMF will soon be included.

Please only post information that's official and that can be verified through a message exchange with Chad.



  • 2019: DECorp is founded


  • 2032: End of the war; the Flash.
    • ACMF invades southeastern United States.
    • United States invades mainland China.
    • The Outer Banks are hit by several nukes.
    • Rockport is hit by several nukes.
    • Pearl City is hit by two nukes.
    • Las Vegas & Boulder City are hit by three nukes.
    • All state capitals, major population centers, industrial & economic centers, and large military bases are nuked. The air becomes unclean to breath and a nuclear winter ensues.
  • 2033: USCPF formed.
  • 203X: CDF formed.
  • 2034: Nuclear winter begins.
  • 2039: After the Flash: Deep Winter takes place.


  • 204X: Nuclear winter is less severe in some places.


  • 2055: CDF buys land in Rockport, Florida from the USCPF in order to build their territory gates.
  • 2056: Docktown built by CDF.



  • 207X: Construction of New Atlanta begins, several miles south of Atlanta.
  • 207X: United States restores contact with other countries such as Brazil, Great Britain, and Spain.


  • 208X: CDF and USCPF make groundbreaking deals.
  • 208X: People begin abandoning scrap towns for more stable living conditions.
  • 208X: Towns of brick and concrete begin reappearing.
  • 208X: International trade picks up.
  • 2085: Masterson Facility finished.
  • 2089: Sandsharks capture Masterson Facility.
  • 208/9X: USCPF prepares to fight what it calls terrorists in Pearl Harbor.
  • 208/9X: CDF gains control of Masterson Facility, averting the USCPF antiterrorism campaign.


  • 2096: The Atlanta Crisis occurs.
    • Several high-ranking CDF and USCPF officials are assassinated.
    • There is a large military conflict in downtown New Atlanta.
    • People's Republic of Tidewater forms.
  • 209/10X: The PRT, with the help of Brazil, begins taking land from the US.
  • 2098: The Battle of Kansas City occurs, turning the war in the US's favor.
    • The US gains back large portions of land it lost in '97 and '96.
    • Morale and support for the war heavily increases for the north.


  • 210X: The MEB rebuilds the Panama Canal.
  • 2103: After the Flash: Rain takes place.
  • 2103: Rockport, the last US holdout in the PRT's heartland, falls.


  • 2115: After the Flash: Deep Six takes place.
  • 2115: The Underground Bunker, Fort Shad, and Fort Wilmington exchange artillery fire.
    • Fort Shad's barracks, HR rooms, comms center, and cafeteria are blown up.
    • Fort Wilmington's barracks, vehicle repair center, comms center, and cafeteria are blown up.
    • Several USCPF and CDF tanks, APCs, and artillery pieces are blown up.
    • Southside's Soup Shark and post office are blown up (RIP Link and Abraham Deas).
    • The Tidewater side of the Halfmoon Bridge is blown up.
  • 2115: Soup Shark and Post Office rebuilt by scrap.
  • 2115:The USS Winfall sinks by an experimental MEB railgun tank.
  • 2115: MEB checkpoints are constructed across the PRT-USCPF border.
  • 2115: USCPF bomber flies over Southside.
    • The Court House, Pharmacy, and all of the MEB checkpoints are completely or somewhat destroyed. [RIP Susan, Bill, Jason, Nathaniel Turner, and Deputy Joe Winzer]
    • USCPF Bomber is shot down by an MEB AA emplacement. The bomber crashes into the field nearby.

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