After the Flash Timeline


  • 200X: Fort Shad is constructed.


2019: Asian Continental Military Force (ACMF) Formed.


  • 2020: DECorp is founded
  • 2020: The region of land at the end of the Middle Loch in Pearl Harbor, between the Farrington Highway and the Queen Liliuokalani Fairway, becomes a medium-sized military-industrial city.
  • 2026: World War Three (WWIII) begins


  • 2031: A technology designed in 2031 as a precaution following the usage of a Nuclear Warhead in the end of the Second Korean War, the Deradiator serum became a significant tool for survivors of The Flash. Flushing the users system of radiation, Deradiators would be routinely used to prevent radiation sickness, though their usage in creating Outcasts was soon learned.
  • 2032: End of the war; the Flash.
    • ACMF invades southeastern United States through Venezuela.
    • United States attempts an invasion on mainland China, however it is prevented due to EMPs knocking the UR-22s out of the sky.
    • Pearl City is hit by two nukes.
    • All state capitals, major population centers, industrial/economic centers, and large military bases are nuked. The air becomes unclean to breath and a nuclear winter ensues.
  • 2033: USCPF and the GCSA are formed due to the American Preservation Act.
  • 203X: CDF formed.
  • 203X: Breach in containment at Cerberus Research Complex. The mutants are released. A highly infectious synthetic strain of the RAD-X virus is spread by the mutants.


  • 2040 (Separate Timeline): After The Flash: Deep Winter takes place.
  • 204X: Nuclear winter is less severe in some places.
  • 2042: CDF make a deal with the refugees in Bridge Town to expand the town and gain ownership.
  • 2045 (Alternate Timeline): After The Flash 4 takes place.
  • 2047: After the Flash takes place.


  • 2052: MEB formed.
  • 2054: After the Flash: Osaka takes place.
  • 2054: In theory, the nuclear winter should've ended by this time.
  • 2055: CDF buys land in Rockport, Florida from the USCPF to build a scrap town in the Florida area to gain a much needed foothold in the region.
  • 2056: Docktown built by CDF.
  • 205X: USCPF (Global Positioning System) satellite loses signal with the ground.


  • 2061: UEBC formed.
  • 2067: After the Flash: Sandstorm takes place.
  • 2068: RCO formed.


  • 207X: International trade reintroduced.
  • 207X: RAD-X vaccine introduced, rendering the virus a non-threat. Outright stopping infection, combined with lower radiation levels in the later part of the 21st Century, the vaccine soon led to the end of most mutants, though it is not yet universal.
  • 207X: Construction of New Atlanta begins, several miles south of Atlanta.
  • 2073: After the Flash 7 takes place.


  • 208X: CDF and USCPF make groundbreaking deals.
  • 208X: People begin abandoning scrap towns for more stable living conditions.
  • 208X: Towns of brick and concrete begin reappearing.
  • 208X: International trade picks up.
  • 2085: Masterson Facility finished.
  • 2089: Sandsharks capture Masterson Facility.
  • 208/9X: USCPF prepares to fight what it calls terrorists in Pearl Harbor.
  • 208/9X: CDF gains control of Masterson Facility, averting the USCPF antiterrorism campaign.


  • 2090: Music genres such as swing, jazz, and postmodern jukebox make a comeback in the hearts and souls of Americans.
  • 2096: The Atlanta Crisis occurs.
    • Several high-ranking CDF and USCPF officials are assassinated.
    • There is a large military conflict in downtown New Atlanta.
    • People's Republic of Tidewater forms.
    • Anti-PRT/MEB CDF survivors form the Reds.
  • 209/10X: The PRT, with the help of Brazil, begins taking land from the US.
  • 2098: The Battle of Kansas City occurs, turning the war in the US's favor.
    • The US gains back large portions of land it lost in '97 and '96.
    • Morale and support for the war heavily increases for the north.


  • 2100: TIFEPOL formed.
  • 2101: RCO begins to make contact with US forces.
  • 2103: Rockport, the last US stronghold, falls into the PRT heartland. The RCO in this time as well have landed in Hawaii as an expeditionary force.
  • 2103: After the Flash: Rain takes place.


  • 2115: After the Flash: Deep Six takes place.
  • 211X: Corsairs fleet wiped out by RCO
  • June 21st, 2115: An artillery exchange between Fort Wilmington and Fort Shad happens..
    • Fort Shad's barracks, HR rooms, comms center, and cafeteria are blown up.
    • Fort Wilmington's barracks, vehicle repair center, comms center, and cafeteria are blown up.
    • Several USCPF and CDF tanks, APCs, and artillery pieces are blown up.
    • Southside's Soup Shark and post office are blown up.
    • A part of the Tidewater side of the Halfmoon Bridge is blown up.
  • June 25th, 2115: The USS Winfall is attacked by an experimental MEB railgun tank.
  • June 27th, 2115: Soup Shark and Post Office rebuilt from scrap.
  • June 30th, 2115: MEB checkpoints are constructed around Southside.
  • July 4th, 2115: USCPF bomber flies over Southside.
    • The Court House, Pharmacy, and all of the MEB checkpoints are completely or somewhat destroyed.
    • USCPF Bomber is shot down by an MEB AA emplacement. The bomber crashes into the farm nearby.
  • July 5th, 2115: USCPF tanks and trucks assemble at Whitman Bay.
  • The USCPF's APC's and trucks fall back to protect the tanks and trucks.
  • MEB APC's fall back possibly fleeing the area.