Formation of TIFEPOL and History

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Tidewater Federal Police


=== Founded ===


=== Nation of Origin ===

People's Republic of Tidewater

=== Organisation Size ===

Unknown, rumoured to be approximately 45,000

=== Headquarters ===

Tidewater Federal Police Headquarters, New Atlanta 115 Vindice Road 4

=== Type ===

Law Enforcement

=== Leader ===

Fatherbill, Pojat, Tamingthaprothatspro

=== Motto ===

“Praesidium Libertatis”

=== Parent Organisation ===

PRT Ministry of the Interior

=== Language ===


</aside>During the Atlanta Crisis, many anti-US CDF troops colluded with the MEB in order to stage a military coup, in which many pro-US CDF politicians and military leaders as well as US diplomats and politicians were killed off, assassinated, or kidnapped.

As Brazil and the CDF begun to form the People’s Republic of Tidewater, the acting puppet government saw a need for a small force of soldiers to monitor the populace, as well as to eliminate any stragglers or evidence of the coup in order to ensure that they would not receive heavy backlash from the general populace in the south.

And to that extent, the PRT set up a small task force of CDF soldiers for exactly that goal, though they were limited in resources as the CDF and MEB were engaging in active frontline combat with US troops.

Meanwhile as the fighting took place and as the PRT coalition forces advanced, the small CDF task force would follow directly behind the main fighting force to tie up loose ends. This continued on up till 2099, in which the Atlanta Crisis finally simmered down. The PRT faced a new problem: having enough troops to monitor the general populace and ensure that word of the atlanta crisis and any conspiracies are quickly hushed: A secret police force.

However, the trick to forming the organisation was finding a way to cover-up its true purpose.

In the year 2100, the PRT formed the Marshal Service, what was dubbed to be the PRT’s main police force. Members of the smaller regional police forces from before the Atlanta Crisis were  plucked out of their respective forces and transferred to the marshal service, leaving many vacancies in said regional police forces in a non violent and discreet 'purge'.

Meanwhile, using the ‘vacancies’ as an excuse, the PRT unified the smaller regional police forces together, stealthily filling its ranks with only trustworthy individuals and former members of the original CDF task forces and death squads tasked with eliminating opposition during the Atlanta Crisis, also ensuring that the members within the force are both loyal and biased towards the PRT’s corrupt government. Hence, the formation of the Tidewater Federal Police Force, or TIFEPOL for short.



As of 2115, the Federal Police Force is rumoured to be roughly 45,000 members strong.The force is mainly divided into several different departments:

Department A (State Security)

The department of State Security is one of the smallest, and one of the most secretive departments of the Federal Police.

Department B (Administration)

The Department of Administration and Internal Affairs, either known as Department B is the main central administration department of TIFEPOL. This department handles matters such as the salaries of TIFEPOL personnel.

Department C (Federal Constabulary Services)

The Federal Administration Constabulary Department, or Department C is the main department concerning reports of domestic abuse or violence, and regular crime, as well as patrolling the streets for crime. This department is also responsible for collating information from civilian informants not directly registered under TIFEPOL and passing it on to Department A. Their numbers are relatively huge, dwarfing Department A. Most new trainees and members of TIFEPOL will be sent to this department. State Security Agents/Officers are often mistaken as members of the FCS as they wear the same uniforms and rank insignia, an intentional detail to throw people off from who is state security and who is not, keeping all citizens on their toes.

Department D (Judiciary and Prison Services Department)

This department is responsible for the upkeep, operation and security of the PRT's Federal Correctional Facilities. They are also present in the Justice Departments of New Atlanta as bodyguards and escorts of persons of importance such as court judges or convicts as they travel between locations in the city. Department D has its own special unit of personnel pulled out of Department F as a special response unit. This unit is called "SPEAR", short form for "Special Prisons Emergency And Response". The unit is split into two teams, one in New Atlanta Federal Prison and Southern Tidewater Federal Prison. The units are aptly named "SPEAR FP1" and "SPEAR FP2" respectively.

Department E (Training and Recruitment Department)

This department is responsible for the selection and training of TIFEPOL personnel. This department handles the administration and intake of personnel into the organisation, as well as scouting out for potential marshal or CDF personnel with skills desired by TIFEPOL.


Most departments within TIFEPOL used conventional police ranks, with the exception of Department A, which used police detective ranks for all Department A personnel, whether they conducted investigations in the department or not.

Ranks Dept A Equivalent CDF Equivalent
Trainee Agent In-Training Enlist
Constable - NIL - Private
Senior Constable - NIL - Corporal
Federal Agent Detective Field Agent Sergeant
Federal Special Agent Detective Special Agent Platoon Sergeant
Federal Officer Detective Field Officer Warrant Officer
Inspector Detective Assistant Inspector Ensign
Lieutenant Detective Inspector Lieutenant
Senior Lieutenant Detective Senior Inspector Captain
Captain Detective Head Inspector Commander
Major Detective Chief Inspector Major
Superintendent Detective Superintendent Brigadier
Chief Superintendent Chief Superintendent - NIL -
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Deputy Assistant Commissioner - NIL -
Assistant Commissioner Assistant Commissioner Assistant Director
Vice-Commissioner - NIL - Vice Director
Commissioner of the Federal Police - NIL - Head Director

The Federal Police Force uses a variety of firearms in order to achieve its goals.
File:Sh 9m.png

The SH-9 is TIFEPOLs's standard issue service pistol.

As a common firearm amongst the Federal Police, it's known as the right hand of law enforcement because of it's high durability and efficiency even after a long time of wear and use. It's standard issue to every officer no matter the rank, and it's a popular choice because of the ability to get your name carved into it after 10 years of service, or upon retirement. After this, the firearm becomes the officer's personal property. It has two choices; lethals or rubber rounds.
Norte L3 .45ACP: The Norte is a .45 ACP submachine gun in use by TIFEPOL and has been in high demand by the higher-ups of the TIFEPOL due to it's high efficiency in close quarters combat. Though, it has gained a fair share of criticism on failing to cause a large amount of damage to a small area. The Norte has not yet been customized to TIFEPOL standards, so it comes with it's default, sleek black design with either rubber rounds or lethals.
Browning Hi Power 9mm: An alternative option to the SH-9 service handgun, the BHP is a firearm commonly seen in use by CDF elites, it's a rare sight amongst TIFEPOL, but it's often seen amongst higher-ranking officials. The BHP has barely any variety regarding ammunition, being chambered in lethals, and they lack invinidual customization.
Draica 12G: The Draica common 12g smooth-bore shotgun manufactured in the PRT. TIFEPOL has it's own "policing variant" with wooden rails on the forend, with the furniture being made of refined and protected timber with great damage resistance. It has some experimental attachments underway, but any attachments for it have only reached "blueprint stage". It comes with a large variety of ammunition, including beanbags, flechettes, buckshots and slugs.
Sparo 7.62mm:

The Sparo-7.62 is a bolt action rifle used commonly by TIFEPOL as a marksman rifle for taking out targets from a great distance. It usually comes up with well-finished and refined wooden furniture, much like the Draica, but with similar rails, but only on the receiver for a long-distance precision sight. It comes with rubber rounds, and lethals.In very rare cases, a scope can be mounted on the weapon for operations involving long range combat or extremely precise fire.

*Not Pictured*

- WASP .32ACP:

- Vindicator .7.62x51

- Advanced Sparo .308

- Hopper .5.56

The WASP is the carry pistol of choice for TIFEPOL high ranks, informants and other roles with a need for a compact and lightweight pocket pistol, designed and manufactured by the one of the PRT's largest weapon manufacturers: VLI Firearms Company. The WASP can fit in most utility pockets as well as police belt holsters. Chambered in .32 ACP, the WASP has performance similar to the SH-9, and like the SH-9, is highly customisable with a wide array of aftermarket parts and options for the user. The gun comes standard with a special laser sight to aid in quick pointing and shooting. However, most Detective Inspectors opt to switch theirs out for ironsights.

Most civilian quality WASPs are made with cheap stamped steel. However, the WASP in service with TIFEPOL officers are of much higher quality, having an aluminium slide and stainless steel components for better reliability. The user's name is also often etched into the receiver, with only informants not getting these special aftermarket upgrades and customisation options for obvious reasons. Informants are however able to purchase and modify their WASPs with civilian grade aftermarket options.

-Batons: A large, 30-inch baton with a vertical and horizontal handle for various forms of use regarding combat. The handle is rubberized, but the rest is pure heat treated steel with a blunt end.

Prisons and Correctional Facilities

TIFEPOL maintains and operates a variety of large prisons and correctional facilities belonging to the Federal government. These are the largest ones known to most people:

New Atlanta Correctional Facility

The most well known correctional facility in Tidewater. It is rumoured to house most of the PRT's criminally insane. It's referred to as a maximum security prison with a way in, but no way out. It has seen no corruption, but sometimes violence has occurred between staff and patients, usually ending up in the deaths of the latter. The prison mainly serves to 'show the citizens of New Atlanta what criminals truly are now, and what they always will be'.

Northern Federal Prison

Formerly the highest-security prison in the PRT that used to withhold POWs from the United States. In 2107, a coup d'etat happened in the prison, in which most of the guards were slain with improvised weaponry. All of the prisoners that were involved in the coup were slain with the losses of 1594 prisoners and 673 guards. All other prisoners were shipped into the Southern Federal Prison, which lead into it's overflow. After the event, the prison's re-construction began in 2108, and it's expected to be finished in 2117. As of 2115, there are only 4 out of blocks in the prison that have finished construction, with all 4 of them currently in use in order to cope with the PRT's constant flow of criminals and prisoners entering.

Southern Federal Prison

One of the largest prisons in the PRT. It's unfortunately become underfunded by the state. Despite being built for 10 000 inmates, it has experienced an immense overflow of up to 25 000 inmates. Escapes are frequent, so the prison was put in permanent lockdown in 2115 for demolion in 2120 if the re-construction of the Northern Federal Prison doesn't finish by then. What is to be done with the prisoners in the meantime is unknown. The critical state of the prison has led into neglect from the guards, leaving the prisoners often locked in their cells with only small amounts of food per day, in attempt of using the current rations to feed all the prisoners. 

Western Federal Prison

This correctional facility is much milder and 'softer' than other correctional facilities throughout Tidewater. Made to house mostly women and criminals that have committed less severe crimes like petty theivery, the prison has somewhat 'comfortable' living standards and inmates here are hardly abuse going on within the prison's south wing, in which inmates are forced to sing the PRT's national anthem from dawn to dusk everyday until they were thoroughly indoctrinated. Prisoners are also required to take mandatory classes on the PRT's history, along with anti-US and pro-PRT propaganda being fed to them daily.

Eastern Federal Prison

This particular facility has been known, unlike other facilities, as a 'testing ground' used by the government. No cameras or methods of documentation are allowed upon entering with a special permit granted by the warden. The prison has got itself entangled with various sorts of tests regarding fields of psychology and physiology, including isolation tests, electric shocks, experiments including malnourishment and hard labor, and mind control tests. The Eastern Federal Prison is known as a 'scary place' for most civilians and prisoners alike, but due to limited access and a lack of documentation, the facility's true purpose is only visible to higher-up government authorities.

Because of its the atrocities committed in the facility, it is the most secretive prison within the PRT. Visitors are almost never allowed to enter, with only TIFEPOL personnel and members with state security clearance granted access.

However, the facility is not without its darker secrets. A secret underground wing, dubbed: "Test Wing" is located in the northeastern tip of the facility. Inside, this wing, there are numerous work halls and testing facilities made to house criminals blamed of attempted destabilization of the state, and political opposition that could lead into severely damaging the government. This wing is also reserved for soldiers accused of treason, desertion, and other crimes regarding military service and military intelligence. 

Inmates in this secret wing are subject to forced labour day and night, doing mundane jobs such as shoveling coal and the manufacturing of items like hinges, and other common materials. Sometimes even military equipment such as rigs and uniforms, but the manufacturing such is done under supervision, with no prisoner being allowed to take a single one of these uniforms into their own use. If a prisoner refuses to perform their duties, they will be subjected to 72 hours of isolation in a 12ftx12ftx12ft cubical isolation chamber with no sort of visual or auditory stimuli allowed. Most people in the "Test Wing" are present in the facility for a life sentence, so they are subjected to this said treatment for the rest of their lives.

Tidewater Federal Correctional Facility

Best known as the "Dixie Prison", it's the most open and positive-reputed imprisonment facility in the Georgia-region, it is also the largest in all of tidewater, dwarfing all other correctional facilities with its massive size. It's well known as a rather large prison split into three wings. The "Youth Detention Center", "Women's Detention Center", and "Men's Detention Center", all of which, are sparsely separated for 'security' reasons.  The facility is made to hold common criminals that usually perform crimes with minimal consequences, and the prison has been described to be more 'hospital-like', with more advanced healthcare than that of other correctional facilities. It's a 'dream facility' for anyone that has committed a crime that has lead to imprisonment in any of the other correctional facilities.

Laws enforced by TIFEPOL


- Any weapon that is military grade or used by the United States military and its allies is deemed illegal. Notable examples are the Levi, TSR, Reiner, Shockbreach, Mendel and more weapons.

- Any semi automatic rifle is classified as illegal as long as it has a barrel length shorter than 16 inches.

- Any weapon that fires anything larger than 7.62mm is deemed illegal.

- Weapons capable of burst fire and fully automatic modes of fire are illegal.

- Semi automatic shotguns are illegal.

- Weapons should not be openly carried in the hands of citizens, the only exception being in times of emergency. Persons with long rifles, shotguns or primary weapons in general are to be monitored and observed.

- There are no special weapon permits or licences that would allow any civilian (this includes mercenaries, bounty hunters and PMCs) from wielding a weapon that is classified as above civilian grade.

- The only exception to these rules are DEcorp.

- Any civilians with weapons drawn in the presence of police officers or in restricted areas CAN be shot.


- The rooms beyond the main lobby in the Justice Department are restricted to civilians, anyone unauthorised personnel may be prosecuted/arrested for trespassing on Federal property.

Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters:

- All mercenaries or bounty hunters are classified as civilians, despite whatever background they may have had.

- TIFEPOL do not work with filthy mercenaries or bounty hunters, if anyone is claiming to be affiliated to TIFEPOL, they may be arrested for impersonation of law enforcement.

- A mercenary or bounty hunter may only have weapons drawn at a place where they are being paid to guard. In all cases, they are outranked by the local authorities (CDF, TIFEPOL, MEB) and failure to comply to instructions from the latter is an arrestable offense.

- All mercenaries and bounty hunters are to have a licensed ID or permit from the PRT Federal government, any such mercenary or bounty hunter without his ID with him is to be arrested.


- All civilians are to have their IDs on their person at all times, especially after the 30th of June 2115.

- Civilians abusing their freedom of speech by attempting to cause discord within society can be arrested for the disruption of peace.


- Any assault or attack/harrassment on any TIFEPOL officer, be it verbally, psychologically or physical is arrestable. An officer reserves the right to defend himself, and if need be, with lethal force.

- Assault may cover things such as physical attack, psychological attacks or methods used to intimidate someone, and verbal harrassment.

- Vandalism is not permitted in the PRT, vandals are to be arrested.

- Littering is illegal, those caught littering are to be fined.

- General speeding/traffic related crimes usually result in either a ticket or arrest, depending on the severity.

- Any attempt or plan of a terrorist attack, insurgency, rebellion, uprising or plots to attack the authorities is punishable by execution/death.

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- A person cannot pay bail to get himself out of detainment/jail/prison.