*This is a group for After The Flash: Deep Six*

Tifepol Edit

The Tifepol (Tidewater Federal Police) was created in 2100, at the turn of the century to unify the smaller regional police forces into one single large organization that is directly associated with the military and the government's higher-ups. The organization has gained a great reputation because of it's ability to effectively dispose of anti-PRT protestors and politicians that are causing a lack of stability in the country. These said people usually end up vanishing from government records and the lives of their loved ones. The group is also biased, defending the military's and the government's reputation from various types of opposition.

Uniform, Weapons, Etc. Edit

Standard Uniform: Edit

Based on every single TIFEPOL uniform from 2100 to 2114, the coat and the trousers are made from cotton with the exception of the coat being thicker with a rubberized inside (that can feel nasty if worn without a long dress shirt). The coat breathes around the armpits and the sides, to not make the officer feel uncomfortable when patrolling. The belt is made of fine leather, made to be damage-resistant. The gloves are of thin, black cotton to increase breathability.

Anti-Riot Uniform: Edit

The chest armor is based on the long-gone CDF leather aprons used dozens of years back, before they were deemed obsolete. Despite being heavy, they offer great impact and stab resistance. Armor is only present on the right arm and the chest because the left arm is for wielding a simplistic aluminum riot shield to protect the officer from improvised weaponry like molotovs, and to protect him from melee weaponry. The right arm is for either using a handgun or a baton.

Weapons: Edit

A baton or handgun are usually used by officers. Exceptions might occur in different situations which require other weapons.

Headgear: Edit

The ROBLOX "Checkered Cop" hat is used for the Tifepol headgear, if an officer chooses to wear it. It isn't required to wear the hat.

Application Edit

An application doesn't exist. All people are first watched to see if they are worthy of being a Tifepol officer.

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