Lore : Edit

"The Reds are not very well known by most people. Most folk think they're bandits, terrorists, and a number of things. They're awfully quiet and more mysterious than other factions in Atlanta. Reds don't openly admit that they're actually in 'The Reds'."

In the intervening years between 2115 and the cooling down of the conflict, some of the ousted pro-US CDF, that managed to survive and find support either from the US and its European allies or from stolen PRT weapon stockpiles, formed the Reds. The Reds originally started as an anti-Brazil faction that was re-purposed by Jack Camacho, the head of the Reds.

The Reds don't own any forts or towns openly. Although some US military groups might be sympathetic and even supportive of the goals of the Reds, the US as a whole sees the Reds as nothing but a group of criminals. The PRT sees the Reds as traitors and thieves, and the MEB sees them as terrorists. This is mostly due to PRT propaganda.

The Reds are making progress as of 2115. The MEB has begun protecting its assets in the PRT a little more heavily and sending diplomats, which make prime targets for the Reds. The Reds are on the brink of a greater move, one that could ultimately lead to the evaporation of the PRT and the defeat of the MEB. It seeks to take towns along the PRT-US border. Assuming the town's people can be convinced that the goal of the Reds is a noble and just one, a difficult thing in itself, they'll likely support them. The MEB is reluctant to send a large force into a border town to quash a rebellion. The US would see this as a sign of weakness and come into the town to take it once the in-fighting is over. So the MEB is forced to use the same sort of hybrid warfare tactics that the Reds use against them.

Ironically, summer of 2115 is the year that both the Reds and the MEB decided to make a move. On June 21st, the MEB fired into a US fort and a conflict between the PRT and US ensued. A few miles further west, an MEB-led PRT force invaded a US fort successfully shortly after. Renewed fervor for war would soon follow on both sides of the border. The Reds are ready to begin their mission and take the border towns. Should they be successful, it will greatly weaken Brazil's chances of winning. Should they fail, the bloodshed will continue and all who know the truth will have died.

Uniforms : Edit

Wear a fairly plain red T-shirt. Aim for the same color of red as the store bought unis. Blue jeans are recommended or just use the ones in the group store! The CDF Militia shirt and pants can also be used.

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