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Currently shut down.

Lore Edit


Locke Encampment was formed in Los Angeles, late 2089, it was mainly recognized as a group for survival purposes, sending out people to do supply runs. The people who did supply runs were usually experienced trackers, if they picked up any tracks in front of a store or nearby, they'd usually leave the area depending on how fresh the tracks were, and how many. Occasionally they'd run into bandits, which they'd give in about 30% of their supplies as toll to pass, but by the time they had gotten back they'd been losing supplies more than gaining them. This caused the encampment to start collecting more guns than usual, and start acting more aggressive towards bandits, which led to more fire-fights happening between them, and also brought in a lot more casualties as well. The current leader was called into question, on how he acted about things. Though he had most of the group with him on this decision, there were those few who would rebel against his decision, which required him to turn the group into a full on autocracy.

By the time of 2093, the group had accumulated more members, this would make any small groups of passing bandits less of a threat to the group. This gave them more time to scavenge, and acquire more supplies in return. A large group of raiders had spotted their camp, and pillaged them for their supplies and weapons. The raiders were killed, but took most of the encampment down with them. Those who survived left the encampment, afraid that the noise would have attracted looters. They took their best weapons and supplies with them, hiking across the land until they found shore. They found a boat near shore, it looked to be in decent condition and had a good amount of fuel cans stocked inside it. It wasn't big, only being able to fit a small number of people. The ones who couldn't fit continued to hike across the land for refuge.

They drove the boat to Hawaii. It was an excruciatingly long period of time, but they had managed to make it. By the time they got shore, they started hiking upward. They did this for days on end, and by the time they were just about to give up, they spotted a destroyed battle boat; it was the Erwin of Pearl Harbor.

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