Management Edit

This group has been shut down and permanently banned from ATF. [1]

Lore Edit

HoW logo.

With the House of Wolves mercenary cover up removed, the group has been exposed as a large scale trafficking system. The 'freelancers' moving to Atlanta were diverted to small island based slaughterhouses to be butchered and sold as organ donations. The House is governed so that all funds and income is diverted to the highest power, a reclusive tycoon operating off the mainland known widely as The Funnelweb (or Mr. Funnelweb). The Funnelweb works through the highest ranking member of the House, the "Wolf Alpha" who works on field and orders troops directly through their strategic knowledge with help of their selected "Betas". The group is known for it's aggressive working which involves kidnapping from towns, the wastelands and houses, often going door to door and dragging victims out into the streets. This has caused groups like the CDF and USCPF to resent them. "Omegas” are the groups grass root members and frontline infantry. They carry out basic tasks like capturing and defending as well as repelling enemy factions or civilian attention. They usually work in groups under the control of a Pack Leader.

The Legionary Guards are not direct members of the House, rather a private security force for The Funnelweb. They use concealed firearms and automatic pistols along with a network of short range radios to communicate with each other and are rarely seen unless high value personnel are in the area. They tend to communicate exclusively to other Guards and The Funnelweb himself.

The House currently control the Naval Offices as their base of operations and store captives inside the Warehouses/Hangars outside.

UPDATE : The CDF has driven out HoW from Hawaii. There are only remnants of HoW left and they do not control the Naval Offices anymore.

Relationships Edit

CDF - Very Tense

USCPF - Impartial

Sandsharks - Impartial

The Market - Uneasy

Jackalopes - Impartial

References Edit


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