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The average Courier (sgtfildes)

Note: The H.I.M.S is a now inactive faction, and as such this page remains here for historical purposes only. It is not current.

The H.I.M.S was founded in 2086 by Juliet Isengoroth, and from then on it has thrived. However, sometime in 2097, Juliet Isengoroth passed away at the age of 67 due to a deadly shot to the heart. During this time it was thought the Mail Service was gone. But another man by the name of Patrick Patterson took over the job of leadership, causing the Mail Service ti once again deliver packages, letters, and supplies all across the Hawaiian wastelands. Markus Perinski took over at some point, after which he was shortly replaced by Andy Hawkins. Soon after this, Dave Crosby was voted in, but Andy Hawkins would return again at some point.


Trainee Courier

Typical new kid at school, needs trained.

Trained Courier

Trained courier, knows enough to make runs alone, and can handle themselves.

General Staff

Janitors, Secretaries, Paper Writers.

Trainee Guard

Needs to learn how to safely handle their gun, and what to do in various security scenarios.

University Guard

Typically stands around HQ with a big gun to keep sharkies away, usually on the roof, by the door, or sometimes around BoD members.

Caravan Guard

Helps couriers with special packages, and makes sure that bandits won't attack the courier and steal their items.

Commander of the Guard

Coordinates and trains security, and is responsible for their upkeep. Security is a technical second group apart from the H.I.M.S, so this person has equal authority to the Chairman.

Career Courier

Someone devoted to the H.I.M.S, who has made it their career. Their character has been with the H.I.M.S for at least five years.

Veteran Courier

Someone who spent nearly their entire working life in the H.I.M.S, these people train the trainees and ensure the couriers do as they're told.

Board of Directors

They make sure everything runs smoothly, they appoint veteran couriers and the Head of Security, and debate about prices and new uniforms and routes.


This person runs the Board, making sure none of its members slip up. If there are any issues, this is the person reporting to Mr. Hawkins, whom he also works hand-in-hand with. Together with the Head of Security, he makes up the highest echelon.


This person runs the H.I.M.S, but you already know that, eh?

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