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' What happened doesn't matter, my enfants, what matters is that we rid these marche mort from the face of this planet. Once we do that, it's our mission to restore this desolate wasteland to a place with law and order, for now, no government, nor bandits matter to us, we only kill what gets in our way of victory.' ' -Pere Devon Porter {The Children Of The Ice}

The Children Of The Ice Is a French group of pre-nuclear people who were all trapped in a certain town for years due to the explosion of a
cryo facility in which their town got its popularity. Due to this they were frozen from the bomb to ATF 7's timeline. The Children Of The Ice spends most of it's time in the abandoned zones of the cities, and will most likely die out in AFT 10. {If Approved}

(Note: Most things in the lore seem impossible, but if you read through you will find that everything in this has logic.)


Before The Bombs:


The Cryo Center.

In a small town in Paris, France, there was a Cryo Center "The Centre Chirugical" which is what made that town

The Theater

famous. Many businesses in their attempt to milk the center decided to open up there, slowly but surely Malls, Stores, Restaurants, Residential Malls, And Tourist Attractions began to develop. One of these businesses was the "Le Theatre Gele" Which was one of the most successful businesses. The small area began to flourish, bringing in more visitors than the Eiffel Tower. In the theater was an actor, named Devon Porter, who was mostly American but grew up in France. He was the best among st his peers, known by everyone in the town. His childhood was perfect, his job was perfect, everything in his life was perfect.


Nobody saw it coming, it was right before the big show that was supposed to bring in the most money. It was the biggest attraction that France has ever seen. All electronics in the theater except for the lights and mics were on. The entire town was full of people. When, out of nowhere a flash appeared, and the Cryo Center exploded, putting the whole town under ice. After that, pure and utter silence.

The Heat Of Radiation:

Slowly but surely, everything and everyone, started to thaw due to the radiation, which occured around 2080. For the first 5 years, banditry, and outright unlawful insanity began to set in, the mixture of Cryo Ice and Radiation started an Ice- Age like winter that could freeze anyone unprepared instantly, nobody could leave the town, for everyone who went more than 1 mile out never came back. Everyone feared what was outside the town. Most people lost their sanity, but Devon Porter didn't.


The Remains.

He was recognized and looked up to by almost everyone inside the town, even though he didn't want it he was raised up as a person to look up to (Mostly By The People Who Lost Their Sanity). Even though he didn't like it, he was one of the only sane people in the town, and he was able to do what he never thought could be accomplished. He brought law and order back, but not powerful enough. The only effect the law had was slowing the process of everyone dying down a bit, but eventually everyone was able to agree that the law was needed to survive.

The Rules Of Winter:

Another 5 years went by, and groups started forming, like " La Garde Les Innocents " and "Les Droits Des Hormes". But neither were wanted by all. Man building started forming by citizens using rubble to create massive shelters. Many people mysteriously started getting sick in an area at a time, over a month the entire area of one rubble building would be sick except for a few people, who acted just fine. Many of the people that were just fine had the same three different blood types, they were O+, A+, and AB-.

Le Parasite De La Neige:

The parasite started to become more and more deadly, people infected with it acted differently, but most of the time they were hostile towards everyone, even others who were infected with it, keep in mind everyone who was hostile still had the ability to speak and even had recollection of everything in their lives, even the ability to act like a normal person, but they had no remorse for killing even their own children. It even gained the name: "The Parasite Of The

The Parasite

Snow" or translated "Le Parasite De La Neige". Anyone who had the desiease were called the 'Pourri' and anyone who came into bite contact with any infected then became infected themselves, but almost everyone who became bitten were killed nether-less.

The parasite was also known to keep whoever it was infected from dying, a stab in the neck or head would sometimes never do the trick with certain ones, but the possibility of the disease going to that stage was one and a million, but that never stopped it from happening every now and then. Those who had that very protective armoring were called the 'inarrêtable'. But it was also noted that all of the infected were indeed hard to kill, but most of them would only need an extra bullet.

Once more, everyone looked up at Devon for advice, which became almost humorous to him because of how often that happened, Devon became very cocky, in which he forever regrets. He had told his people to wait for it all to blow over, or kill the infected. Eventually, it became an extremely feared parasite that even Devon himself tried to destroy, he set up a plan.

The Great Battle Of Centre Chirugical:

Devon and all of the survivors rallied all of the infected in the middle of town, where one final and great battle commenced. Building being brought down, set on fire, and just naturally falling, the sky turning red with reflection of flame, the concrete being slippery with blood, and death commencing left and right, but one of the downright horrifying things that happened that night, was during the battle, the infected shouted at the survivors, saying things that could send shivers down a stones spine. In the end after 2 days of non stop battle, the survivors stood victorious, chasing away the remaining infected. Devon was now a war hero, the survivors looked up to him, even giving him the name "Pere" or "Father". Now here's the bad part, the town was destroyed, and the infected killed an entire platoon of international USDCF soldiers, taking their flying vehicles and flying to America. Landing outside of Crane Town, where they remained living low, infecting people in the night, with nobody knowing. They even joined a faction of Mutants right outside of Fort Shad, a destroyed fort in Pearl Harbor. To every-ones surprise, Devon was bitten, but was not acting any different, which upheld him as a leader even more.

The Great Travel

Devon began walking outside of town, to the place that everyone feared, only 500 out of 700 people came. They walked for miles through the cold 100 out of 500 died. They eventually came across a military base, after days and
days. There was a plane there that was surprisingly intact, far away from where the bombs dropped, in fact, the only problems with the plane was that it was low on gas, it was HEAVILY rusted, and the wheels were twisted and some were even flat, but then again, beggars cant be choosers. Four years went by as they attempted repairs, and took shelter inside the military base, barely getting by, having to eat anyone who died during the period of time, making an outh never to kill and eat the living, or never to reenact cannibalism in their lifetime. Finally after they decided that they did all they could do, it was time to test it. Two military experienced survivors drove the plane while 70 out of 100 didn't feel safe, so stayed behind with what they had, eventually the plane ran out of gas and crashed out in the wilderness of Pearl Harbor. 15 out of 30 survived. It was here outside of a plane crash with all of the people that had regained some of their sanity, still looked up to Devon. And it was here where Devon made them a name, he had taken all they have been through, all they did, their luck in surviving absolutely everything before, and he called them "The Children Of The Ice"..........


The Parasite:

The reason the infected were hostile is because the cryo had frozen their Hippocampus and their Amygydila making them follow their absolute instincts, making it to where only people with those three blood types had warm enough blood to where it kept those lobes from completely freezing. Practically summarizing that, each blood type as its own clot speed and warmth, those three special blood types kept the cryo clots away from the brain, and no, this is not the same as RAD-X as RAD-X mutates the body, and has the victim lose practically all self-control, the virus  here only stops blood from going to that part of the brain, and no, they don't completely freeze, the cryo clot blocks the vein, letting only a certain amount of blood through, only enough to keep the victim alive. The Cryo Clumps themselves would sometimes break off of the parasite, and they would travel through the blood and be flushed out of the brain, being sent into the body, the mixture of bodily fluids with the parasite would cause it to expand and harden, therefor creating a sheild. Also take note, that those with those three special blood types in them that can resist the virus also have this armoring, therefor making them slightly harder to kill, Devon is one of them.

The Crash:

Many of the people who survived the crash survived because the plane skidded on the oceans water before being forced to come to a stop next to shore only killing a few on the plane.

The Infected Hostility:

Due to frozen lobes, the amount of C02 that traveled the infected caused the Cryo blood to go through their veins making it to where they die slower, they sometimes might need an extra bullet.

The Ice:

The winter that took place happened due to the cryo center exploding, exposing all the cryo ice with the radiation. not like The Nuclear Winter.

The Big Leave:

The reason most people left the town in France isn't because of what happened to the town, most of the people that joined Devon saw what the virus was all about that night, and didn't want to stay around.

The Virus Creation:

The Mixture between radiation and the cryo ice is what created the virus.

Staying Low To The Big Fish, Until....

The Children Of The Ice tend to lay low, and not draw attention from The CDF or any of them, they try and make themselves look as inconspicous as possible, until they are fully set.

Devon's questionable leadership:

Now I had basically summed up how he got his position, but how he got to the top that easily is a page like this itself, I do plan on making a novel after this story, but first not only do I need permission by Chad, but I also want to see how far this goes.


The No-Kill Policy

The Children Of The Ice are generally peaceful, and if faced with a threat that is not infected, they generally attempt to disarm or injure them instead of actually killing, but sometimes it is forced.

The Recruitment Act

All recruits in The Children Of The Ice that do not have certain blood types cannot go past the officer ranking.

The Torture Guidline:

Even though The Children Of The Ice doesn't like harm, sometimes it is completely neccesary, they have their own torture technique, but instead of harm, the torture technique messes with the victim mentally. After the process is finished the victim is knocked out and left far in an abandoned building.


Sf prev by diglet8-d8j40gz

Trench Coat With Shredded Metal Padding {Officer}

Gc trench coat by preciselogic-d8s9sv1

Trench Coat And Bag. {Below Officer}


The Uniform an officer is given is similar to a black trench coat, but is a war coat, with metal padding on the inside. There is various armor pieces on the coat and over the shoulders to protect the neck and arms, the coat streches down to the boots, which are also armored.


The Uniform for everyone below the officer rank wears a dark blue trench coat and a small pouch for their supplies. The coat itself originally stretches down to the boots but is tied back.

Screenshot-2018-03-16 19.22.26

Devon Porter


Devon himself has his own armor, it's a black scavenged armor set painted black and silver, over it is a regular blue winter coat, burned and ironed to be hard and protective, over it is a white scarf and various armor sets over rips and vulnerable spots, there is a metal armpiece over his shoulder as well.


The Children Of The Ice tend to speak French to one another, but most of the time English is what they use, you might find these words being used.


Meaning 'Child' or 'Children', this title is given to any soldier, worker, or friend.


Meaning 'Father' this title belongs to Devon

Frere or Soeur:

Meaning 'Brother' or 'Sister' Frere for Males above The Officer Rank, Soeur for Females above The Officer Rank


Meaning 'Originals' this title belongs to any of the original survivors that came to Pearl Harbor with Devon.


Meaning 'Unstoppable' this title was given to the very rare infected with a hardened protected body, where the parasite moved down to the body and froze, this is known to happen to all infected, resisted or not, it always happened, but the Inarrêtable had most of the parasite break off, therefor the shell around them was almost unpiercable.


Meaning 'Rotten' these infected are mainly just the infected that are hostile, the ones that just go immobile do not have a name, but the Pourri are the most common.

This has yet to be approved, but I do hope that this becomes official.