The Team [As of September 2017] Edit

After The Flash isn't just run by ChadTheCreator himself, as there is a highly dedicated team of developers, and LPM's who help admin and manage all the After The Flash games. If you need to contact them, find them via the Advisory Board.

The team consists of highly motivated, dedicated, and fun individuals, who want to improve and run a strong community that grows everyday, to the best of their abilities. As a Roleplay Master, Loreplay Master, and the Advisors, we strive to bring you the best After the Flash Experience possible.

Without these people, After the Flash would be an absolute mess

LPM Edit

  • Infern0
  • steampunch
  • Milliam
  • Vehron
  • Kbotmister
  • Shueyyy
  • RebornGoddess
  • EnjoyNukaCola
  • Alpyne
  • C4STLE
  • box_202
  • Zethiam
  • Wise_Freedom
  • DaddyRingo
  • Sergeant_Dornan
  • Seamoous

The Squad Edit

  • woot3
  • Cammerz
  • NowDoTheHarlemShake
  • FoxPhreek
  • boates
  • ploop

The Advisors Edit

  • torrano
  • FatherBill
  • UncleVern
  • faiaf

Developers Edit

  • StevenMacLeod
  • Klyox
  • PanzerMaus1212
  • hoshpup
  • GiddyGhost
  • genraljacob
  • Skelefaggot [A really mean fucker that we all hate.]
  • spideyrulz
  • DareDevilDJ
  • ObviouslyAndre
  • Reycewicz404
  • vikterreznov

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