This weapons pack gives access to a few survivalist/melee-styled weapons that would be most appropriately used in guerrilla combat

Tomahawk Edit

A rusted, small, tomahawk. Unlike any weapon in the ATF universe, this melee weapon is throwable, making it a very effective weapon at not only short range, but long range as well.

Bow Edit

A classic, wooden, and large bow, equipped with a flashlight. This weapon has a unique firing sound to any other weapon in the ATF universe, it also has unique crouch animations, and holster animations, making it one of the most unique weapons in all of the ATF universe.

Knife Edit

A small, rusted, and portable knife. The knife's real life counterpart is a combat knife, hinted by it's size, and the blade on the edge of it. The knife has two ways of attacking, one is to press the right mouse button, to use a normal stab. Another way of attacking, is to press Q, resulting in a forward lunge, along with a stab to the side.

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