The Spec-Ops Pack is a weapons pack for After The Flash: Rain. It contains weapons that use fusion-cells to produce energy for a projectile rather than bullets. It was given as a free bonus to those who obtained the Alpha Player Badge as a reward for buying Early Access to After The Flash: Rain.


The SPR-2kw is an integrated suppressed semi-auto assault rifle, based off the Levi-3. Using solar-powered fusion cells, a beam connecting to any form of organism will be burnt (3rd degree), inducing an abnormal amount of pain.


The LERC-8 is a bolt-action secondary weapon and it is one of the only two (the other being the AB10G) lore-friendly portable railgun weapon that exists in ATF. Upon firing, it's muzzle flash is a solid orange color rather than the normal flash, which is white in the center.


The Smith is a .454 Casull cartridge user, having high fire power, and decent velocity, and remains accurrate, and recoil is also maintained. (As said by chad, written by Skelethon)

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