This will detail and list the gamepasses and lore weapons of the Spec-Ops Pack for ATF 3 to 5.


Military Variant

The military variant is mainly used by SEALs, though a rare occasion. It consists of a beam that reducts and consolidates the pressure, force, and mass into one single projectile, adding up powerfully. This can result in penetration of 3" steel plating and can even force a SEAL to its' knees. It uses a fusion cell that generates power from a heat-powered source or surrounding. The cells are rechargeable, but overall unreliable.

DECorp Variant

The DECorp variant is used by DECorp operatives placed upon a task that requires silence and mobility. It includes a lighter polymer frame, a shorter fore end, a foldable-and-detachable stock, as well as a larger fusion cell battery life. A cone-like spherical is at the end of the muzzle, and the projectile, instead of propelled by a beam, is sent forth by magnetic polymer-steel rods inside the gun. This allows it to be rapid, going at a 500 RPM. It can ruin a 3" steel plated object, and has a much bigger impact force than the military variant.

Police Variant

The police variant works like a shotgun, as well as not intending to be lethal. It uses a magnetic railing that extends outside the gun, and has a mag port at the bottom. The projectiles are steel balls, heavily weighted. In each port with a loaded mag, there are five of these steel balls. Once fired, a magnetic energy shoots out the barrel, forcing the steel balls out into the target it was aimed at. This can't pierce, but will ruin objects such as bones, tissue, steel, etc.


Inspired by the Japanese AB10G, this was a version used by DECorp anti-material specialists. It had a 8" steel rod enlocked in the chamber, each shot requiring another to be placed in the chamber. Once fired, pressure and force from tbe recoil builds up and applies it to the steel rod, sending the steel rod at a velocity greater than a 12.7mm, ruining the target. Recoil is high, but withstandable to an average person.


DECorp Variant

A heavy and bulky pistol that uses .454 Casull. The solanoids and wiring in the frame of the gun are meant to use a gravitational-magnetic beam to push the bullet out of the gun, as well as ejecting the carttidge, still maintaining the gunpowder, as well as creating an even higher velocity for the projectile. This can pierce 2" welded steel plates, and would ruin body armor.

Police Variant

This variant doesn't include a magnetic assisting rail, and uses 9x19 Parabellum. This is a select-fire, from a safety, semi-auto, four-round burst and automatic. It has a magazine port at the fore end instead of the grip on the sidearm, and is slightly bulky.

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