This pack gives access to three black market weapons, primarily used by the Sandsharks operatives in the ATF universe.

Stoeger Edit

Dubbed the Stoeger by most, this is a short-double barrel shotgun, using 10 gauge. While seemingly relunctant for use at first, it has an adaptable and manageable recoil, and while cheap in production, it is durable.

AN-94 Edit

A black polymer and blackened steel Russian assault rifle, with a flashlight. In terms of features, it's comparable to the M4A1. It has a twenty-round magazine, and a scope bound to T. Unlike its real life counterpart, the in-game AN-94 does not have the distinctive canted magazine, nor the 2-round burst (in fact, the weapon more visually resembles an SKS).

Patriot Edit

The Patriot is a four-round .475 Linebaugh cartridge user. The recoil is sustainable, surprisingly. Velocity is also extremely high, accuracy and range is average for a revolver. Extremely cheap in use, it is durable, and is favored by "evil-doers" all alike.

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