SEALs are Synthetically Engineered Assault League, and are commonly depicted as someone in power armor or a drone. Things to note about a SEAL

  1. The SEAL suit cannot be hacked or infected with a digital virus.
  2. The neural connection is via a chip.
  3. The neural connection aids the user heavily in the suits functions. The neural chip and suit battery alleviate the effort of moving within the suit.
  4. SEAL suits can be removed by their users by using the neural connection they have with it. This does not require help from another SEAL.
  5. A SEAL's helmet cannot be removed without taking the suit off. If you want to show someone your face, you'll have to take off the entire suit. This is made much easier because of the above statement.
  6. Extra gear that would be carried in the suit for any unpiloted exodus would be a light harness build for rapelling and load carrying, and a small carry bag for the absolute necessities.

You should also note that the visors are ballistic, therefore no you cannot shoot through the visor and kill the operator. It can take two maximum rifle cartridges

SEALs also know basic suit repairs, however anything else like extensive repair of the armor, storage packs, helmets, and visor, would require advanced engineers.

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