SEAL (Synthetically Engineered Assault League)

The Synthetically Engineered Assault League (SEALs) are a combined unit of top-tier soldiers in massive suits of two variants, Super and Standard. These suits are bulletproof, and are made of a mix of carbon-fiber and steel. These suits use a neural connection to communicate with the body. Less than a thousand suits of standard armor were made, and less than a dozen super suits are known to exist in the early years of the flash. In 2095, there were a total documented amount of 4 super seal suits and a dozen seal suits.

The SEALs were a highly experimental unit prior to the flash, acting as a military group akin to the US Army, yet a closely guarded secret. This unit underwent rigorous training to use their heavy duty suits. In the post war setting, most SEALs set alone to run amok and fend off the invaders in their country.

Most SEAL suits throughout the years ended up being decommissioned. However, some descendants of the SEALs were taught to use their heavy armor. These people would normally be contracted by armies such as the PRT and the USCPF.

The suits Edit

Jumpsuit Edit

The SEAL jumpsuit is a simplistic tight-fitting outfit worn under the SEAL suit itself. It offers no ballistics protection, but is comfortable and weather resistant.

Standard SEAL Suit Edit

Six foot nine and adding an additional 75-80 pounds to the wearers weight, the standard SEAL suit is comprised of a segmented bodyglove constructed of a sturdy rubber and a outer portion comprised of carbon fiber and steel plating. The bodyglove does not protect from pain, ballistics, or sharp objects.

The steel/carbon-fiber outer portion of the suit covers most of the wearer, the only exception being the insides of the elbows, backs of the knees, and armpits. This steel WILL protect the user from pain, and can survive even one of the the massive 50bmg cartridges before breaking. A SEAL suit has hydraulic joints that are controlled by the wearer. These bolster speed and strength.

Super SEAL Suit Edit

The Super SEAL suit is a seven feet tall, more heavily armored, 130-pound version of the normal suit. Very few were made and they are only worn by a select few SEALs. The steel can survive MANY 50bmgAP hits.

Super SEAL hydraulics are even stronger than their standard counterparts.

Helmet Edit

A SEAL helmet is comprised of steel with a glass visor, and a ballistics glass combat visor. The combat visor can be flipped down or up depending on the wearer's needs.

The steel portion of the helmet can survive a 50bmg round. The visor can survive a few rifle rounds, being heavy ballistics glass.

The helmet can not be removed except by a trained individual. It is sealed to the suit and controlled by the SEAL.

How do they work? - Common misconceptions. Edit

"They're robots / They feel no pain. / They cant be killed." Edit

A SEAL can best be targeted by shooting the visor. This will blind the SEAL and force him to retreat. It's worth noting that for a civilian (or even some military installations) to immediately target the inside of the joints is metagaming.

"Can't you just shoot the battery pack?" Edit

A SEALs pack is the most strongly armored part of the suit, and even if it wasn't, it's far from just batteries. It contains everything from food/water/waste management to a copious amount of ammo and equipment storage space. The chances of hitting the batteries are small. Add to this the fact that SEAL batteries are based around nuclear fusion, and you have an unlikely - and explosive- chance of damaging a SEAL by shooting the battery pack. The suit can also run for centuries meaning the battery won't die out.

"SEALs can/can't remove their suit, right?" Edit

A SEAL suit can be taken off, but another SEAL or trained individual needs to assist the wearer. It's not as easy as taking off fallout power armor or something like that. In the event of an emergency, there is a ripcord system.

"Who can wear SEAL suits?" Edit

A functioning SEAL suit can only be worn by a SEAL. The suit connects to the wearer through a neurojack in the back of the neck, without this jack the suit would probably crush ones neck. A badly damaged suit (beyond the point of mechanical function) could TECHNICALLY be worn by anybody, but it would be incredibly impractical as the suit is very heavy and would have to have severely damaged armor in order to be worn by a non-SEAL. (Meaning no, you can not steal a SEAL suit.)

Explosive force and the exoskeleton Edit

The SEALs exoskeleton, while heavily resistant to gunshots and blunt/bladed strikes, can be thrown off by a considerable enough explosive force. This results in the operator having to haul the full ~80 pounds of suit around by his/her self. This will be slow and cumbersome without the exoskeleton to aid in movement.

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