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RCO Lore Edit

The Royal Commerce Organization’s beginnings are muddy, but can be traced back to the late 2050s, a few years prior to the formation of the United Enclave of British Counties. When the UEBC began to reach across their lands, organized trading caravans connected tradelines, moving food, water, and other goods across the old lands of the once-great UK. The first written lead to the beginning of the RCO came in 2068, when the first Royal Commerce Organization began as a simple naval trade group. It’s leader, a Terrence Hanaghan, had expanded his caravan to running two cargo ships to France. Being the only ‘large’ group that had expanded their trade outside of the UEBC, Hanaghan was approached by a UEBC Royal Navy Admiral, offering to bring the RCO under the Royal Navy’s arm and aid their trade. With this, the RCO began its relations to the military, which allowed a headquarters to be built in Swansea, Wales, a city near Hanaghan’s hometown, and advancements to begin.

Around 2077, the RCO jumped rapidly in recruitment, going towards 50,000 men strong, their refurbished pre-war guns and gear replaced by new UEBC military-grade firearms, body armor, and uniforms. Along with that, Hanaghan passed the torch of ownership down to his son, Curtis Hanaghan. The RCO’s trade had reached out to Iberia, France, Germany, Celtland, the Nordic countries, and touching around the coasts of the Mediterranean. In the next 26 years, the RCO would expand their reach across Europe, coming to dominate the French and German weapon markets, and had managed to replace the pre-war Euro with their own “New Sterling” coin. Their trade routes had reached throughout all of Europe, along the coast of Africa, and hopping across the Indian Ocean and the Northern Passage all the way to the remains of New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific. They’d even begun contact with the US forces in 2101, though as neutral traders. Their entire network of trade consisted of naval shipping, and inland caravaning to landlocked allies. It was an effective method of supply, allowing the UEBC to get all of its allied territories the aid they needed.

In 2103, RCO expeditionary traders had travelled along from Australia up to Hawaii, effectively making the UEBC the first nation post-flash to branch out across Earth. The RCO would push their influence in the weak nations of South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Iberia (mainly the Strait of Gibraltar), France, Germany, and Canada. Attempts to reach out to South America failed greatly, ending in conflict with Brazil, the only other world power on Earth. Attempts to reach out to the newly-formed PRT would fail, due to conflicts with Brazil, leading to a Cold War beginning with the great power in late 2105. For the next 9 years, the RCO’s east-dominant trade consisted of aiding the

UEBC’s neo-imperialistic views, hoping to take the poor countries who had not regrown under their wing, and perhaps, under their ownership. Plenty of islands in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans would come back under British ownership, and the RCO’s numbers would shoot towards 127,000 men, growing steadily along with their fame, wealth, and strength.

UEBC Lore Edit

Prior to the Flash, the United Kingdom was one of the world powers, aiding NATO in the war against the ACMF. The nation held a full military, lending troops to the East where the ACMF was invading Europe. When the Flash destroyed the world, the British Isles were hit heavily, the once sprawling cities and culturally rich towns wiped off the globe. London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Cardiff took the hardest hits, the cities becoming nuclear dead zones as decades passed. Slowly, towns began forming, communities coming together through finding exceptional leading figures, and with that, came conflict between most communities for supplies throughout the 2030’s, and the early 2040’s.

The wastelands were unruled by any true leader up until the late 2040s, when communities around the Welsh-English border began to band together, under figures who had once been military members, NATO ‘celebrities’, or politicians. As a community came together in the Herefordshire area (which would later come to be the new national capital), it created a militaristic counter to the lawlessness across the once great British land. This militia, consisting mainly of wastelanders led by NATO descendants, or military survivors, began purging the lands of wild banditry and lawlessness. They had managed to scavenge supplies from destroyed RAF airbases, forts, and docks, acquiring worn out Kingfishers, a UR-22 like aircraft named after the late King Fisher of the time, and ground transports, such as WMiKs or MRAPs. By the late 2050s, the community of Herefordshire had branched out across the Welsh-English land, and had finally made reach to the self-building, but struggling, communities of Scotland. The Royal Militia allowed order across the land, and a strong feeling of nationality between the Welsh and the English declared a new true government to be built. With this, the United Enclave of British Counties - UEBC for short - was formed. In 2061, the UEBC was instated, and Herefordshire, it’s oldest town, became it’s capital. Along with that, a new currency was unveiled, and was spread across Europe in the hopes of becoming a standardized currency. This currency, named the ‘New Sterling’, a copper coin about the size of a US dollar coin, was put into use. This sudden burst in success for the growing population would be come to known as the ‘Golden Years’, where order had come to the now-united Enclave.

By 2075, rapid rebuilding was taking place, and many of the areas untouched or lightly harmed by radiation had turned to fresh farmlands and small towns. The Royal Militia had grown into a military, constantly retrieving prewar military supplies and fixing up old factories and military installations. The Royal Navy had become the largest navy any nation had, post-flash, along with a high service rate in the infantry branches. The UEBC had reached its trade out to Europe and across the British Isles by boat, bringing in and sending out supplies to aid the local nations around it. They had developed a hope of reuniting all of the NATO states who had been destroyed in the nuclear fire. In the late 2080s, the UEBC was growing into a world power, boasting healthy cities, growing populations, and a solid government that followed democratic styles. Though they had worked with a parliament-styled system of legislation, the population demanded a figurehead of the nation, and with it the first post-flash monarch, Howell Faulkner, whose father was a leading figure in the British military prior to the flash, and himself a large Royal Militia veteran, was made King in 2089. The government continued to thrive under a constitutional monarchy for the next 20 years, beginning mass production in the 2090s, and international trade beginning in 2103. The UEBC’s largest exports came from weapons, vehicles, and - oddly enough - food and other farming-like materials. Their weaponry was mainly produced by Bertram Firearms, responsible for weapons well-known by the RCO and UEBC forces, like the BF L311A1 “Scotia”, and the BF L326A1 “Victoria”. Other pre-war models were continued on, like the L115A3 going on to the A6 and the L85A2 going on to the A5.

An expeditionary trade group, funded and aided by the UEBC Royal Navy, had reached out to Germany, France, the Nordic countries, the United States, Canada, Africa, and the Middle East, and made efforts to recover British territories like the Falklands, and Ascension Island, as well as securing the necessary points to continue trade globally, like the Northern Passage above Canada and the Strait of Gibraltar. This would be their first run-in with the only other global power, the Brazilians, who had taken the Falklands, leaving the UEBC to Ascension and other trade points. Along with that, the UEBC’s attempts to reach to the newly formed People’s Republic of Tidewater were cut short, when the MEB sunk multiple RCO vessels and blockaded the RCO.

Conveniently after, the MEB had hired a notorious pirate gang known for pillaging and taking RCO assets along the African coast, turning them into full anti-RCO privateers, hindering North American RCO activity. By 2110, the UEBC had secured solid trade with France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the US as allies through the RCO, and had made an effort to support the regrowth of South Africa and Canada, taking South Africa under their wing as a troubled state. This incited a dream of neo-imperialism, though little had been done to act upon it, other than small attempts to assume power in the Nordic countries and in Australia and New Zealand. By 2115, the UEBC had become a world power, the second largest trade nation under the Brazilians, and one of the largest countries population-wise. A slow hatred had grown for Brazil, and the two nations stood at an almost Cold War-like state. The pirates who had been the only thorn in the RCO’s US-bound side had died off to a mutiny, and were finished off which led to a return to large activity near the MEB’s territory. But, without any heavy intervention, war, or conflict, the UEBC continues to grow, with hopes to expand their imperialistic style to damaged nations like Australia, New Zealand, more of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, but have made little attempt to do so. With time, the UEBC hopes to grow to compare to the British Empire of classical times, with a new goal: Never let the sun set on the new Royal Enclave.

Operation Archway Edit

What follows is an official guide to Operation Archway.

The RCO’s operation within New Atlanta is a recent endeavour taken up by the organization in order to further increase infrastructure and communication links in the continent. This is vital in order to continue a steady partnership with our close allies across the Atlantic ocean. Due to unforeseen circumstances placed upon us with the implementation of an unprovoked MEB trade embargo, most regular trading and commerce activities within this region have been discarded at this time. Therefore, tactics have been changed in accordance. This briefing is issued to all forces operating within the region of New Atlanta, the official operating name given to RCO activities undertaken here is henceforth to be known as Operation Archway. This will be conducted with close support from our allies in the US, mostly with the local USCPF garrison located within fort Sic. Operation Archway is to split into and undertaken in two distinct sub operations, both will work alongside each other. The first is known as Comet. Comet will encompass the military and strategic operations undertaken within New Atlanta by the RCO, all forces being re-tasked to New Atlanta from Europe will operate under Comet. The second is Partisan, this will be the gradual recruitment and tasking of willing civilians within the PRT to divert to the organization's cause. It is clear there is widespread anger at the embargo, and as a result the organization will go out of it’s way to support those who wish to see this embargo dismantled.

Comet guidelines Edit

RCO Combat capable personnel will work alongside the USCPF if so required, RCO Personnel are required to follow orders given by high ranking officials within the USCPF in order to improve cooperation between the two forces. The only time RCO personnel are authorized to disobey these orders is when RCO equipment or cargo is in danger. If USCPF forces are not in need of assistance, RCO forces are to regularly patrol and secure the border for any signs of hostile activity. Or alternatively assist in the defense of Fort Sic. Personnel are to ensure the upkeep of their weapon systems, all personnel are equipped with the standard L85A3 5.56×45mm Assault Rifle and Enfield.45ACP Sidearm upon arrival. Specialized weapons may be requested if the situation is deemed necessary, or specific attachments to these standard weapon systems. But in any other circumstance these weapons will be used at all times.

Partisan Guidelines Edit

Transfer to partisan operation is to only be granted via requesting it to an officer within the RCO. It is expected that the individual requesting partisan placement is to be familiar with the area and local culture. Those undertaking partisan activities dress in civilian attire and typically carried a concealed handgun. Never will an individual partaking in partisan operation be armed with more than this. The goal of partisan operation is to secure links between the RCO and the various civilians within Southside. It is recommended that you avoid known MEB or PRT sympathizers. The primary target of partisan operations are the various businesses within Southside. For example, the Southside Brewery is already linked closely with the RCO in order to combat and nullify the effectiveness of the MEB embargo. Your goal will be to increase the number of small businesses willing to store or transfer RCO goods in southside. You will not disclose your allegiance to the RCO unless the individual you are discussing with is entirely trustworthy and in favor of the RCO cause. Even then it is still not recommended you disclose your identity as a RCO operative at any cost.

Final notes. Edit

Upon the possible invasion of the PRT by USCPF forces, the RCO will fulfill its side of the alliance, and therefore will assist in the invasion of hostile territory if necessary. Although this situation is highly unlikely, RCO personnel must be prepared at any time to strike deep into the hostile area. If this opportunity ever presents itself, do not attempt to engage PRT forces unless they obstruct your path, your main target will be within the rumored whereabouts of the MEB outpost. If you cannot find the outpost itself, collect any valuable information linking to the possible location of this rumored outpost. If the outpost itself is found, RCO Forces are permitted to confiscate anything of valuable information within said outpost.

We wish you luck in the North American Theater of operation, your return is awaited by the people of our rebuilt nation.

God save the King.

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