Rockport City at its current state.

Rockport, officially Rockport City,is a ruined city that was once designated as "the Tech Capital of the US". Unfortunately, it was one of the 1st cities to be invaded by the ACMF's coastal invasion in late 2032, ultimately leaving the city in ruins. The city was later rebuilt by the CDF and the US of the creation of the utopian city, but when the Second American Civil War occured. It became a ruin city again as the siege of Rockport caused the buildings to be damaged. 

Official Lore Description

The remains of the once proud city. Rockport was one of the first cities to come under attack by the coastal invasion before the flash promptly ended the ongoing firefights. The unaffected area contains the remains of old US war machines. Nowadays, the city is still a war zone with numerous raider gangs fighting for control: even as the USCPF and CDF both attempt to gain a foot hole inside the city limits. There are many iconic landmarks inside the city such as the ruined condos, Club Chrono, and the Horizon General Hospital

History of Rockport

In the year 2032 during WW3, the ACMF invaded the city before the ACMF’s missile hit their own Russian Federation Soldiers and tanks. The president of the US went missing after the flash, he was killed inside the city while being protected by Police Officers.

In the middle 2090’s when the siege began, the USCPF defends the city and other territories from the enemies by using Railguns that were used in pre-war days. A few years later, they start abandoning the city and evacuate any remaining civilians, supplies, and others they can carry. They scuttled their own railgun to make sure they don’t use the dangerous type of weapon the MEB and PRT-M could use.

A few years later after the US true Liberation of the South states, the city‘s fate was unknown. It is possible that it was rebuilt back again.