The People's Republic of Tidewater was founded on the July 22nd, 2096 in order to counter the strength and "greed" of the USA. It is a Socialist Democracy with a Brazilian currency. It gained traction in the 2100s and is considered by the US to be made of seceded Southern and Midwestern States. Brazil played a major role in the founding of the PRT, both nations trading heavily and maintaining a military alliance. The nation's capital is New Atlanta, the largest city in all of North America. This faction harbors many government agencies and manages items such as: Taxes, Police, Domestic housing, Utilities, Trade, Sales, and domestic services.On the front lines, the nation's police force (Marshals) is small, and serves a purpose in stopping minor infractions. As of 2115, the PRT is a puppet state of Brazil and many theorize that a complete economic collapse is near. It's military forces are not nearly as well-armed as the US, but they have the support of the MEB. The nation struggles with high amounts of corruption in top offices. It is also known to spew out false propaganda to it's citizens (the US and Brazil are guilty of this too, however)  

Lore Edit

The PRT was founded by the MEB and the CDF during the Atlanta Crisis in order to counter the strength of the United States. The PRT is practically a Brazilian puppet, with many Brazilian insiders deep within the government pulling strings and carrying out the will of the nation's Brazilian puppetmasters. The PRT's military works closely with the MEB to oppose the USA in every way it can, with both forces sharing equipment and vehicles. During the Atlanta Crisis, the PRT and the MEB launched numerous successful surprise attacks on the US using tanks, advanced weapons, and wave after wave of infantry. The PRT imprisoned all US officials (such as diplomats) within the nation and executed them shortly thereafter. Today, the PRT continues to oppose the US by spewing out propaganda and indoctrinating all of its soldiers with anti-American and pro-Brazilian rhetoric.

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