The New Japan Liberation Force (Shin Nihon kaihō-gun) is a faction in Osaka. Its main goal is to reclaim Japan from the hordes of mutant and wipe out all opposing forces. They are very hostile except to Japanese refugees.


The NJLF's history is unknown, but it seems that they are now involved in a civil war with the RSW. They used to control the power router, water valve, and helicopter pad in the area. Those now can be claimed by any faction. The Fishing Shack on the map is believed to be controlled by the NJLF.


The NJLF control Fort Nagasaki, in the far corner of the map close to the crashed UR-22. It and Fort Victory are considered one of the best choices for a refugee. It is debatable that it is best defended camp with the most supplies. It is the only place on the map with a shower. Currently the NJLF is at war with the USMC and the RSW for unknown reasons.