Mutants are a "faction" of sorts, consisting of radiation-damaged and virus-infected humans, Victims of the Nuclear Fire across the Warring countries. is the CURRENT mutation guide. This wiki page was edited by NuncleUncle.Not everything here is completely correct, things alter and change. If you are unsure of something, asking a dev would be for the best.

Mutated Refugees 

Playable in ATF 2,3,4,5,6 (DW) 

Mutated, but not without help. If kept separate from other mutants, and if vaccinated with RAD-X, they may be cured enough to live life at least somewhat normally. They are a diplomatic bridge between humans and other mutants. typically RAD 1-3. These mutants are sick, constantly (only at 2 and 3). They may experience the following; Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Fevers, Paranoia, Schizophrenia, Hallucinations, Delusions, Cramps, Insomnia, hemoptysis (only at rad 3-4 in rare cases) and many more. These mutants suffer daily from the sickness, but can be vaccinated with the deradiator (which is insanely painful) to make it less infectious and dull the symptoms down.


Playable in ATF III and ATF IV 

These people are mutated, and they may be beyond help. Most suffer signs of radiation poisoning, and most will be slightly radioactive themselves. They may NOT however, be curable, although this is a rule. Typically shown in RAD 4 and above


Playable in ATF I to ATF VI 

Mutated beyond help, but not so much that the brain has been rotted. At least not too much. These Mutants actually resemble lower-functioning humans and can somewhat function in society. this trait is present in RAD1-4, RAD-5s suffer too much brain damage and become feral.


Playable in ATF 1, 2, 3, 5,6(DW) 

Marauders begin to see worse side effects from the virus, as the amygdala is getting attacked by the virus. They display psychotic tendencies, leading to irrational and possibly dangerous activities. Capable of using firearms, and blending in with society ( somewhat.) the Marauders have made quite a name for themselves. The skin fully changes to a deep yellow ( in rare cases) or a green tone, and their sole intention is to spread the virus. (Through bodily fluids, deep tissue contact, etc.) They are still humans and are 'intelligent' but have a hard time with conversations and understanding emotions like empathy. They wouldn't attack their fellow friends unless in dire situations, but would be open minded to attacking random civilians or friends they know little about.


Playable in ATF V, 6 

Sluggers are the direct descendants of a hitman, and have none of their advantages. These poor souls suffer daily, having one large arm that they cannot move around,acting as dead weight. There are other mutant descendants, like ones from leechers, crushers, etc-however these are insanely rare and are almost never present in society as they die in the womb, or at childbirth.


Playable in ATF 1,2,3,5,6(DW) 

Crushers haunt wastelanders, to the very bone. These creatures have their LRP5 gene suddenly producing more calcium in the bones, becoming denser., and they have a P21 and P53 deficiency. Tumors grow amongst their body as they now no longer have any suppressants, giving them a hunched back due to the sheer weight they are dragging around. Despite losing most function to properly punch, they can swing their arm and cause fatal blows. They are called Crushers commonly due to the fact their swings are so powerful, that it can crush bones. They are unable to run, and are able to withstand melee weapons to an extent. They are a common fear to civilians, even despite the fact they are unable to run in any shape or form.  


Playable in ATF 1,2,3,5,6(DW) 

This is one of the transformations a Sapien can undergo, they are extremely strong in only one limb, this limb can deal a fatal blow. They can only communicate in grunts and moans at this point. RAD-6B. They are extremely staggenent, due to the massive weight in one arm. They are unable to run, as if they tried to do so they would fall almost instantly.  


Playable in ATF 1,2,3,5, 6 (DW) 

Ferals have been exposed to a magnitude of radiation. They are extremely common at blast zones, not so common elsewhere. Their brain has degraded, (specifically the amygdala) leading to burst of aggression, and they rely solely on survival instincts. Ferals tend to be dominant, but if an intelligent mutant was to come by-the intelligent one has to prove they are the alpha. If they don't, the ferals will attack and kill the intelligent one. Ferals also do not actively seek out prey, they do not kill for the thrill. They only go out to hunt if they are either starving, provoked, or if someone is in their territory. Ferals can also flee, if they are scared off. This commonly is seen with leechers, not so much with crushers. Ferals also exhibit the ability to learn on a small scale, like being able through experiences to find which area is weak on a human (like the neck). They are also hypersensitive to loud sounds, it triggers an adrenal response, which may lead to the feral running or attacking.


Playable in ATF 1,2,3,5, 6(DW) 

Physical alterations begin to be abundant. Limbs may begin to detach, muscles contort, bones begin to snap.. Wastelanders call these 'Undead' due to their appearance. They are the most common feral, however, most die due to the fact their deformities limit their movement, and they aren't very strong to catch prey. They have a 50-60% surface mortality rate. They exhibit mostly scavenging or surprise tactics, sometimes having compound (open) fractures which they can use much like a knife, but only in SOME cases. They do not feel much pain, being almost completely oblivious to it.


Playable in ATF 1,2,3,5, 6 (DW) 

RAD7A. This is one of the final playable transformation (unless you are an LPM.) which is truly haunting. A hooked limb grows on their back, with a full range of motion. They can utilize this to grab onto ceilings or pipes to hoist themselves up for quite a long period of time. They are the masters of ambushing prey (typically humans.) They also noticeably can grow a pseudo like head, which does not have many functions. However, they can merely use this mouth to eat food. Due to the physical alterations and the fact bones begin to become less-dense, their teeth have become jagged. They also have the ability to spit barbed biomatter at opponents from about 15 feet away, embedded in their saliva. This can cause chemical burns, or if landed into an open wound (or mouth,) can infect the victim with RAD-1. The biomatter can be blocked with clothing as simple as a leather or heavy jacket. Leachers are also fast, due to their contorted size. Some may be tall, some maybe short. Typically they are around the size of a normal human. 


Playable in ATF 1,2,3,5 (DW) 

This is one of the possible transformations a Sapien can undergo, these creatures rely on ambush tactics to surprise unexpecting wastelanders. They generally are more agile due to their bodies contorting in size, and eyesight begins to improve-specifically at night time due to retroreflectors growing, much like other animals have. They can see you in the night, and you wouldn't even know they were near. Truly a terrifying creature, however they are physically inferior to the average male. RAD6A. It must be known that they cannot wear things like body armor, or scrap gear, as they are way too weak to do so. Also, there is protrusions by their tailbone, but there's nothing really there as of yet. ( can be elsewhere).

Cures and vaccinations

As of 2103 (ATFs Rain and Deep Six) a vaccine exists that can make one immune to the RAD virus. This was made in 2070, and wasn't widespread.

There is no known cure, (not like you people ever pay attention to that) however the effects can be eased with certain treatments on people RAD-3 and below. Deradiators , despite never being public, could shave off the effects of the virus at the lower stages. It becomes less infectious, and is usually used at RAD-3. Symptoms can be minimized, but the only sacrifice is the pain that it causes. Deradiatiors are a needle, which remove radiated isotopes from the genetic makeup in the cells. The side effects are a full body burn, after continuous use, giving off a pale/deep red look. Blisters and open sores are present throughout their skin, this is ONLY after 3-4+ uses. The pain is unbearable, subjects usually compare it to being shot all over their body. Also, if used after 3-4 times, it will cause scaring all over, giving them a more pink look even if they stop using it.

In ATF 2 there is a cure for the RAD-X Virus. It cured all of Asia within 5 days after put into use. It was found in a Clinic where scientists had been working on said cure for 5 years. The Asians used the cure on themselves but did not allow any other nation, notably the United States, access or knowledge to its existence.