Mutants are a "faction" of sorts, consisting of radiation-damaged and virus-infected humans and what were once humans. Almost everyone is somewhat mutated by radiation exposure, but they aren't classed as mutants due to not showing any visible signs and due to copious use of RAD-X vaccines, and due to not having been infected with the mutagenic virus.

Every game in the series treats mutants differently, and every game has different mutants. They are not zombies, however.

Known Mutations

Mutated Refugees

Playable in ATF II

Mutated, but not without help. If kept separate from other mutants, and if vaccinated with RAD-X, they may be cured enough to live life at least somewhat normally. They are a diplomatic bridge between humans and other mutants.


Playable in ATF III and ATF IV

These people are mutated, and they may be beyond help. Most suffer signs of radiation poisoning, and most will be slightly radioactive themselves. They may NOT however, be curable, although this is a rule.


Playable in ATF I to ATF VI

Mutated beyond help, but not so much that the brain has been rotted. At least not too much. These Mutants actually resemble lower-functioning humans and can somewhat function in society.


Playable in dicks hole

Mutated beyond help, these former humans retain a semblance of intelligence, and are the natural leaders of the mutant hordes.


Playable in ATF V

These few unlucky souls are unable to be cured. They are rare, due to the decay of fallout, but they do exist. Most retain their mind, but some may be feral.


Playable in ATF II

Extremely strong in both forelimbs as well as extremely fast, they can deal fatal blows.


Playable in ATF I

Extremely strong in only one limb, this limb can deal a fatal blow.


Playable in ATF III and ATF IV

These unlucky souls, while not dead, are not human anymore. Living like animals, they may be fast, they may be strong, they may possess incredibly good night vision, but all are dangerous.


Playable in ATF I and ATF II

Feral. Retain no intelligence, or indeed any semblance of humanity besides most of human body structure. Usually.


Playable in ATF II

Similar to Creepers, these small and hard to hit mutants can shoot airborne spores containing the virus up to five metres away. Unlike creepers, they have two heads and only three limbs. Leachers can also develop tails that have a hook end that can hoist them selves onto ceilings. They have no control how to move on the ceiling.


Playable in ATF I

Similar to Leachers, these small and hard to hit mutants can shoot airborne spores containing the virus up to five metres away. Unlike leachers, they have only one head.They also have a tail like the creeper that they can hoist them selves.

Cures and vaccinations

As of 2103 (ATFs Rain and Deep Six) a vaccine exists that can make one immune to the RAD virus.

There is no known cure, however the effects can be eased with certain treatments on people RAD-3 and below.

In ATF 2 there is a cure for the RAD-X Virus. It cured all of Asia within 5 days after put into use. It was found in a Clinic where scientists had been working on said cure for 5 years. The Asians used the cure on themselves but did not allow any other nation, notably the United States, access or knowledge to its existence.