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The emblem of the Marshals Service

Marshals Service

As a result of the on-and-off conflicts with the USCPF, the CDF began to exhaust its resources with the loss of weaponry, the destruction of Fort Wilmington and the constant border patrol. Domestic crime was on the rise beneath the radar of the CDF who were focused on invasive US forces.

As a result of the crime spike the PRT formed a Marshal Service to work specifically on towns and CDF owned territory close to the borders. This Marshal Service resolved domestic issues such as robberies, highwaymen and Dew trafficking leaving the CDF to combat the USCPF. The Marshal Service was divided into individual departments.

The Marshalls are often accused by some members of the CDF to be a splinter-group willing to collaborate with the darker areas of the PRT, and (falsely) USCPF.


Narcotics and Vice

The Narcotics and Vice Department were formed with reference to organisations like the DEA. They combat Dew traffickers in Southern Territory with specialists placed into trafficking organisations in deep cover. The Narcotics and Vice Department also handle issues such as streetwalking which had increased as jobs fell.


The Homicide Department investigate murders that are the result of bandits, disagreements or otherwise unrelated to direct confrontation with the US. Marshal's in the Homicide Department often see some of the most harrowing rimes in the Succeeded South and as a result, it is as the most gruelling and unforgiving Department.

Domestic Response Unit

The PRT Domestic Response Unit is a highly trained and exclusive squadron deployed in instances such as hostage situations, domestic terror, civil discord or bomb threats. The Domestic Response Unit were formed following observations from Internal Affairs, citing that the CDF were not qualified to disarm these situations and needed visible new management of these situations, handing over the job to the Marshalls. PRT Domestic Response Unit Operators are selected from the CDF, Marshal Service and in rare cases, the MEB.

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs gather information on all forces known to the PRT. They conduct examinations across the board on the performance of Marshals and the CDF. They are also responsible for information collection on movements made by the US and its allies through foreign contacts.The Department also deals with meetings with the leaders of the PRT and other sources of information that would be helpful to their needs.

Speed And Dealing Department

The S&D Department deal with vehicular-Based Crimes, usually speeding. They also deal with Gun Runners, who are illegal weapons dealers who sell illegal weapons.

Humane Department

The Humane Department is the Department which deals with Human Traffickers. These Traffickers are well armed and dangerous, so only some of the best of the best are assigned to the Humane Department.

Animal Pacification Department

The APD Department is the Department responsible for the pacification of animals. The APD will always try to calm the animal down, before resulting to rubbers, tranqs, non lethals and eventually... Lethals.


The Marshals usually wear a shirt under a jacket with pants. They almost always have the signature Ranger Hat on them. However, other Marshals can be caught without jackets and in High Vis Vests. They will usually patrol around Southside in pairs of 2. They usually carry around a WASP Pistol and an SBS Shotgun filled with Rubber Slugs and Pellets for riots. They will only use lethal ammo in a riot if they have to. They're also equipped with Sparo Bolt Action Rifles in Rural Areas as they have long range. A Sharpshooter within the Marshals will usually have a scoped Sparo. They also use Colt M1911s, but you only catch the Officers with them.=== ===Officers will usually not wear a jacket. You usually see them with a shirt that contains ribbons and a rank tab. Bomb Wardens wear High Vis Vests in order to be seen while defusing a bomb. Although it doesn't provide protection to the User, it prevents Shrapnel from entering *most* areas of the torso.


A Marshal Service Officer Outside The Justice Department In Southside.


Laws enforced by the Marshals would be many in size. These are just some of the most popular laws enforced by them.

Barrel Lengths cannot be over 20 Inches.

Military Grade Weapons in Civilian Hands is illegal.

Ballistic Vests for civilian and Mercenary use is illegal.

Mercenaries must have a License, a printed contract signed by the person they're serving and legitimate word from the person who contracted them that they are officially contracted.

The Minimum Speed in towns is 10 mph, the max being 60. However, in freeroads, you can go up to 80-100 depending on the area.

Narcotics and Illegal Weapons Dealing is illegal.

PRTM, MEB & Marshals that are severely drunk will be held in a cell until the alcohol has escaped their system.

Crossing the Border when said border is closed is illegal.

Depending on how serious the crime is, they can be punishable by death, prison or a fine.

People who escape from a cell or run from Marshals while being arrested will have an Arrest Warrant put on them. The warrant will be up to 20$ and can be claimed by anybody, besides Military & Marshal Personnel.