The MEB is a Brazilian faction in Deep Six. They are allied with the CDF and PRT in the war against the US and USCPF. Their purpose in the US is to support the PRT in their war against the US. They brought a modernized military over, with gear and vehicles.

Lore of the MEB Edit

The MEB was founded in the 2050's. During the mid 2050s, the Brazilian military was reformed and renamed the Maior Exército Brasileiro (MEB). The group which had formerly represented a well armed militia had been given standardized equipment and uniforms, a proper salary, pre-war length training periods and the possibility of Latin-American foreigners to enlist - this was primarily served as a response by the Brazilian government to deal with all the undocumented refugees flooding the streets.

The Atlanta Crisis Edit

During the Atlanta Crisis, the MEB, along with the CDF, launched an offensive against the USCPF. This led a series of bloody battles between the two. In the end, MEB and CDF formed the PRT, to counter the US.


The MEB can be found at Fort Wilmington. They usually patrol the border checkpoints that surround Southside.

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