This is an TOTALLY REAL (joke) timeline created by esik.

WARNING: foul language, racism and another bullshit and let ur kids read it

Timeline Edit

50000 BC Edit

  • Neanderthals do not remember how to make wheels. The wheel was never heard from again.

15 BC Edit

  • Nuclear Bomb is invented by sheep fuckers and toxic kids

2010s Edit

  • 2017: The United States of McDonalds has fucking trouble dealing with ISIS douchebag in Iran & Iraq.
  • 2017: AGP farts or something.
  • 2018: The Mutant Sheep Fucking Syndicate scum are formed after a nuclear test in Iran by North Korea.

2019: DECorp cool aid bois are formed P.S they are never heard from again.

2020's Edit

  • 2020: The Mutant Sheep Fucking Syndicate stay on the outskirts of Mosul, killing anything they see and putting their micro-dicks in corpses' assholes.
  • 2020: Conflicts occur between Sanders States of KFC & United States of McDonalds resulting in a small war for sheep fucking.
  • 2020: The Mutant Syndicate get inside Mosul, ISIS sells the sheeps to fuck.
  • 2022: Into my asshole place in ur bedroom
  • 2023: Sanders KFC begin to plan a isis attack on Niggeria & Ching Dick Chong.
  • 2024: Resources,sheeps and planes are gathered for the attack plan.
  • 2025: Sanders States of KFC steal 4 planes in a hangar a few miles away from Mosul.
  • 2025: 2 stolen in Hong Dick Kong streets, the other 2 are fucked and killed in publicic
  • The 240 sheeps-fuckers in Niggeria go across the country, fucking sheeps, raping big-assed black women, & raiding small villages.
  • The sheeps-fuckers in Hong Dick Kong rampage through the streets, opening fire on non-sheeps fuckers & rappers.
  • 2026: The war between fat princesses and neanderthals begins.

2030s Edit

  • 2032: End of the war; the Cheeseburger Goes Boom.
    • Sanders States of KFC invades southeastern United States of McDonalds.
    • United States of McDonalds invades Fried Chicken Land and southeastern Made-In-China.
    • The Outer Banks are hit by several planes that goes Allah Akbar.
    • Rockport is hit by several planes that Allah Akbar.
    • Pearl City is hit by two planes that Allah Akbar.
    • Las Vegas & Boulder City are hit by three planes that Allah Akbar.
  • 2033: The Enclave is formed.
  • 2033: Into The Storm II takes place in Western Africa.
  • 203X: Shit sniffers™ is founded
  • 203X: Nuclear winter begins.
  • 203X: Colonel Sanders Fried Chicken are scattered across the Wasteland, still following their goal of fattening off the human race.
  • 2039: After the World Goes Boom: Deep Asshole takes place.

2040s Edit

  • 204X: Nuclear snow ends.

2050s Edit

  • 2052: Into The Storm III takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • 2055: CDF douchebags buys dock where Dicktown will be built.
  • 2056: Docktown built by CDF douchebags.

2060s Edit

2070s Edit

  • 207X: Construction of New Atlanta begins, several miles south of KFC.
  • 207X: United States of McDonalds restores contact with other countries such as AIDS, Tea-drinkers, and Iberia.
  • 2070: Dank Hank Carter is born in a shack in Redneck Town

2080s Edit

  • 208X: CDF douchebags and the Enclave make groundbreaking whorehouses.
  • 208X: People begin abandoning McDonalds Funded Living Facilities for more healthy living conditions in whorehouses.
  • 208X: Towns of cow feces and rock begin reappearing.
  • 208X: National trade picks up, because these fucking neanderthals learn how to share their fucking rocks.
  • 2085: Ass Smashing Facility finished.
  • 2089: Darudesharks capture Masterson Dank Facility.
  • 208/9X: The Enclave prepares to fight what it calls terrorists in Pearl Harbor.
  • 208/9X: CDF douchebags gains control of Masterson Dank Facility, averting the Enclave antiterrorism campaign.

2090s Edit

  • 2096: The Bullshit Wars occurs.
    • Several low-ranking CDF douchebags and Enclave officials are raped.
    • There is a large military conflict in downtown New Atlanta.
    • Republic of Titwater forms.
    • The Enclave splits into Eastern Weeaboos and Western Geeks.
    • The Period Bloods are formed from anti-Titwater/AIDS CDF douchebags survivors.
  • 209/10X: The PRT, with the help of AIDS, begins taking land from the United States of McDonalds.

2100s Edit

2110s Edit

Bredtvet, and Fort Mememington **SHARE** forest fires.

  • Fort ChadJew's barracks, HR rooms, comms center, and cafeteria are blown up.
    • Fort Mememington's barracks, vehicle repair center, comms center, and cafeteria are blown up.
    • Several Enclave and CDF douchebags tanks, APCs, Vertabirds and artillery pieces are blown up.
    • Southshit's Sand Shark and Dickhole Smashing Facility are blown up (RIP Linkin Park and Bernie Sanders.
    • The Tirewater side of the Halfmoon Bridge is boomed.
    • Damn Canadians attack from the north with fucking hand held rail tanks.
    • Canadians re-blow the world up.
    • Canadians become supreme leader of the Americas.
  • 2115: Soup Shark and Post Office rebuilt by cheap plastic Made-In-China shit.
  • Some Edgy MPs beat up some Crooked Democrats

Genghis Khan 2.0 rapes Colonel Shitstain (major event!!11!)

  • Edgy Reds stop bombing things and start firing and taking shits on people
  • Bar gets blown up in shitty event
  • Corsairs die and Bouncing Border Bandit bois come back
  • xthatcooldude is exiled from B3 for ERP and Safeguard comes and kicks ass
  • Admins remove fan faction shit to 10 members cause they're edgy people who stuff Chad's shit in their face

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