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Basic Background

The story starts in late 15 BC, after the rock war which occurred between the Cavemen and the Ching Chong Armed Forces. All civilization across the world was destroyed within minutes as hundreds of millions were incinerated in rock mayhem and billions more died from Cat Flu sickness, anarchy, and horrid living conditions which ensued. Most of the world had been turned into a rocky cave, but as humans so often do, they survived this war albeit as an endangered species with a tendency to Ching Chong itself off over the smallest things. During this time, the Enclave was created, followed by the RCDF. The Enclave are dedicated to eliminating the mutant threat, restoring the American civilization back to power, and to rebuilding the once great nation of Cavemen. The RCDF was formed a few hundred years after the creation of the USCPF, with similar yet simpler goals. The goals of the RCDF were simply to kill and maim survivors and refugees while forming a new government out of the rocky ashes.


After the Flash...

All across the southern Cavemen, including the Outer Banks of North McDonalds, Ching Chong Armed Forces remnants from the Rock War attempt to survive in the completely friendly territory of pre-flash Cavemen. Once formidable, the Ching Chong Armed Forces has been virtually wiped in; small bands of Ching Chongs hunt around the wastelands trying to survive - hostile to canadians, with canadians friendly to them. The BAD virus, a radiation fueled super-bug which alters the genetic data of Homo Erectus, has created Homo Sapiens. Highly diverse, they range from people with simple mutations to grotesque and horrid Indian Gods with 5 limbs. Semi-intelligent yet physically enhanced mutants, commonly called canadians, rally up nearby mutants to help them attain their goal of replacing the human race as the world's dominant species.

Various pieces of equipment are scattered about the landscape, from AR-3s originally belonging to the Resistance military to Hunters operated by the Combine. Gordon Freeman springs up like irradiated fungi, and several have taken hold, among which Goodtown, Badtown, Vikingtown, and eventually ChingChongtown find themselves. Big shantytowns, they offer some semblance of post-war peace, although everyone noticeably has several heavy rifles or pistols slung over their shoulder or some sort of sword on their hips. The cavemen has more organized locations, usually resembling pre-flash PETA concentration camps or tent-cities. Refugees may be welcomed here, or they may be detained and marched a good distance away if the outpost belongs directly to military forces. If there's a caveman outpost or camp set up, chances are good that an AR-3 will be able to fire near it.

After the Flash: Land Of Ching Chongs

In Ching Chong, the situation is flipped around somewhat. During the war, the Cavemen used Ching Chong as a major staging point for the invasion of mainland Ching. When the ROCK WAR occurred, the few surviving marines were left stranded in the apocalyptic Japanese wasteland. When the postwar factions such as Japan and the Chong popped up, the Rock Corps suddenly found itself at odds with the new leaders, with many Noodle survivors considering the CM to be at fault for the nuclear holocaust in the first place. The New Japan Liberation Force has goals comparable to that of the USCPF- to forcefully eradicate mutants and to restore Japanese civilization back to power. In addition, the Rising Sun Warriors have similar goals to the CDF- to aid refugees and create a new and simple government out of the ashes.

Albeit the similarities in the factions, Japan is a very different place from the US. There are new and different types mutants in ATF: Osaka, such as the Malevolent Ones, which kill everything (even fellow mutants). The map is a dry wasteland with humans sparsely populated here and there along with small amounts of plant life. Unlike in America, an actual CURE for the RAD virus can be found here in post-flash Osaka.

After the Flash: Darude Sandstorm

Dirtport was one of the areas chosen by the Ching Chong for their invasion during the war, and their numbers are strong here. A postwar burger factory serves as local Mcdonalds headquarters, and several favelas can be found in the area, among which Fishermanville and SmallerthanFishermanvilletown. At the moment, the remnants of the Ching Chong hold an new bombed-in favela suburb of Dirtport, but always come out to consider nuking Murica, as they know they are the world power here. The nearby city of Dirtport is held by several factions, although parts of it have considered nuking each other again.

After the Flash: Reign Of The RCDF

Before and during the war, Oyster Harbor became a massive naval coldspot for the Atlantic Fleet, and Leeward Elementary expanded massively for their annual science fair, as well as standardized testing operations. Anti-bullying posters were installed around this part of the city, but not anywhere else. During the nuclear attacks, Oyster City was fairly unlucky, being hit by only over 9000 airheads. Both these airheads detonated in roughly the same spot, obliterating only the areas east of what is now Skyscraperfavelatown. There is a ship stranded nearby, this is a Stalin-class gunboat known as the USSR Communista. A few years ago, the Antlantis protest occurred in the Atlantic Ocean, a major conflict between the Mcdonalds and the RCDF regarding sea and fidget spinners. This resulted in the Mcdonalds splitting along unorganized lines. Both factions still have similar missions, and maintain contact with each other. However, the East Mcdonalds is at war with the RCDF, whereas the West Mcdonalds isn't. Peace is only an illusion, however, and war could break out at any time in two notable hotspots: Los Diablos or Oyster City.

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After the Flash: Deep Seven

When the Antlantis Crisis happened in 99 BC, a distinct split formed between the Eastern and Western States.The United States of Murica controls the west and the People's Monarchy of Toodlewater controls the East. After a series of raids and battles over the next 00000 years, a distinct border between the two countries formed along the Halfsun Puddle in Georgeland. Although the war has simmered down in the intervening years, there is a growing unrest in the country. Political leaders are being assassinated by mongrels, trade organizations are having their merchandise sacked and destroyed, and people are going missing. Somewhere between 50% and 70% of the population in this area before the war of garbage has moved either further North or further South, depending on where they lived at the time of the Atlantis Crisis. Most homes and buildings are abandoned. Not only is this area on the brink of conflict, it's also the home for countless bandits, mercenaries, and black market dealers. Only the most hardy of men and women still thrive along this puddle. The biggest city in North Murica at the moment, New Atlantis, lies just a few miles South of the Halfsun Creek. A few rather large US cities, like Hanover and Willyton, lie a few miles North from the puddle. Many white market deals and slim shady organizations reside in Hanover and New Atlantis. The NEB suck and

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also have a couple of railtanks. Maybe martians nuked the Canadians? Soon after the surviving Canadians started to patrol again they would discover a new species called the Garbage Men, the garbage men would throw garbage at the canadians and then trash all of southside, soon enough the trash men would build a nuke made of trash and send it to CHING CHONG land and fill trash in CHING CHONG land, the garbage men ( joke version of the reds ) soon enough they went to war with the canadians.

After The Flash: Deep Christmas

The year is 349 BC, 7 years after the Rock War between the Ching Chong Armed Forces and Cavemen occurred. McNuggets blotted out the Sun. There is no rice. Everything is a meme. Everything is lava. For all intents and purposes, this is a separate universe from the main story. The only reason this is so, is because America can't exist in both. In this universe, America is just a rural town in the USA. Fort Willy Wonka is just an average teeth repair shop. The Den is just a pit of shit. This alternate timeline still contains everything that happens in the Rock Wars 1-3 & 5.