Administrator Notice: I cleaned up your description, and since it's an unapproved faction, I've locked the page for now. If Chad or a loreplay master approves this, shoot me a PM (@ powertool) and I'll unlock this for you, as well as reference you on the main page.

Inclear & Co was around since the late nineteen-sixties, creating nuclear warheads. Due to the war and the Flash, their factories were all but obliterated. Currently a well-supplied faction, Inclear & Co is rumoured to have over a million dollars to their name, which is a very lucrative amount indeed. They have stayed reasonably quiet, making them all but unknown to USCPF and CDF officials, although that may change. They primarily look for artifacts nowadays, which they often sell on to third parties.


Inclear & Co was founded by an Italian, Vince Herman. Every CEO since Vince Herman I has been called Vince, and as of this time (2098), the current CEO is thirty year old Vince. He has witnessed the brutalities of the wasteland, having seen his daughter ripped apart by mutants.

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