"Pace Ac Bello Merita" - Service in Peace and War

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The Government Civillian Supply Agency is a United States agency where it focuses on helping wastelanders with essential supplies such as first aid kits, food, water, etc. They are allied with DECorp and the USCPF. Most of the GCSA workers are found in USCPF territory such as Fort Outlook, with the exception of the State Department, who monitor CDF towns and the militia's activities.

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On November 2nd, 2032 the US Navy’s 3rd and 7th fleet would converge on the coast of China and Japan to launch the largest invasion in US History against the forces of the ACMF. At the same time, Asian troops had broken through the US railgun defenses in Puerto Rico and had begun to launch a full scale invasion of the United States via the Gulf of Mexico. These events were the final nail in the coffin of the old world, and the outcome of these actions resulted in the nuclear bombardment of the globe.


Following the nuclear holocaust and the end of third world war, the United States was left in ruin. Many government officials and military personnel were lost to the flash and state governments could not prevent their communities from breaking down into brutal, chaotic lands full of riots, looting, and murder. Surviving members of Congress and President McCormmick’s Cabinet found themselves holding out in the Greek Island bunker in West Virginia, awaiting the President (or whoever would be next in line to uphold the role) to give the order to being executing the Government Continuity Plan. Luckily, on November 11th, the Raven Rock Mountain Complex was able to get communications back on line between US government bunkers across the East coast. The President, who had been evacuated to the Raven Rock complex, had begun to communicate with congress and the surviving government agencies about a plan to “Preserve the American lifestyle at all costs”. This plan would be known as the American Preservation Act. For months the Government debated on what was going to happen, many members of congress were refusing to give up their pre-flash political stances and only caused more problems for the future of America. After a failed coup against President McCormmick in January of 2033, the remaining branches of the government were able come to an agreement on February  2nd, 2033. The American Preservation Act of 2033 was passed with a 379 to 156 vote in the nation's first ever Joint Session congressional vote. The APA called for the Department of Defense to be reorganized into the Department of Preservation and the  US Military to be reorganized into the United States Civilization Preservation Force or, for short, the USCPF. Alongside the reorganization of the Military came the merge of FEMA, the CDC, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, and the Office of Health Affairs, into a single federal agency known as the GCSA or Government Civil Support Agency. The agency would be based out of the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center and would begin broadcasting public radio signals in order to spread the message that help would be coming soon.

Early Years

From 2033-38, the GCSA had struggled to maintain its refugee camps across the US, some being abandoned and forgotten. Because of a huge lack of manpower, the GCSA struggled to keep order in their camps, often having food riots and small uprisings to deal with on a monthly basis.  Aside from the problems caused by overwhelming refugees, the GCSA also had to deal with the emergence of RAD-X. RAD-X was seen as a direct threat to the survival of the US government seeing as the horrid mutations caused by the disease were irreversible and could be spread easily from person to person. The GCSA would focus on ways to filter out the infected from the non-infected over this time period, and used many refugee camps as a false hope to lure in mentally stable infected individuals with promises of medical treatment. Things would change in 2039, when President McCormmick would declare Martial law, putting USCPF in charge of all security operations and law enforcement in and out of GCSA refugee camps. This however, would be the President's final act before his alleged death in March of 2040. Some say the president was forcefully removed from office following a coup and executed, others claim he died from radiation poisoning from a breach in his bunker. With the president dead, missing, or otherwise, the GCSA would suffer morale loss with many agents and civilians packing up their bags and wandering off into the wastes. Luckily for the GCSA though, on May 8th, 2041, the Vice President would be finally be sworn into office, giving people hope that their country may not be gone after all. Things began to take off from there, in the late 2040’s the GCSA and USCPF had begun to build post-flash housing, bases, and even metal refineries across the country. The government had come around full swing and by 2060, the US had its first presidential election. Though the legitimacy of the election was questionable, the government proved that it was on a path to fully restore the United States.

Later Years

On the East Coast in 2072, the GCSA had announced the mass shutdown of old refugee camps across the south and began and began mass recruitment for construction and development of new cities, factories, and roads in the North, South, and Midwest. Fortunately for the GCSA, their job of civil aid and protection were far from over. The West coast remained a hostile, bitter wasteland with the majority of the federal facilities out there being USCPF bases or small factories. The GCSA would conduct mass relief operations in the west from 2073-2081 and begin to open new camps and develop small towns using refined metal and concrete from the US Factories out east. While the land out West was by no means a chaotic nuclear wasteland like the 2030s and 40s, it was still very underdeveloped and contained many bandit, raider, and blackmarket organizations. The GCSA would continue its role as it had in the past, developing small refined metal towns and supply checkpoints across the West without major problems. Things would change for the agency when the Atlanta crisis occured in 2096. With the reorganization of the USCPF into a force capable of fighting a war rather than peacekeeping, the GCSA had to adapt to the situation as well. Because of the major loss of infrastructure and agents to the formation PRT, the GCSA had to regroup and recover to make a proper response to the outbreak of the civil war. GCSA camps would begin to pop back up across the East and Midwest once again, providing shelter, food, work and education for those who were displaced because of the war. Some GCSA agents would be sent to the frontlines to boost the morale of the troops with propaganda and letters from schools in the north while others would be sent to work at US bases to maintain the electrical systems, communication systems, and medical equipment.


All agents carry the Mendel (USCPF pack) or Mendel-11 (Anniversary Pack).

Security contractors are armed with the Levi-3 (USCPF pack) or TSR-31 (Anniversary pack).