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This is a list of all the equipment of the USCPF in every After The Flash game.

The official guide can be found here.

USCPF Equipment

Weapons of the USCPF

  • TSR Family - or the "Tactical Service Rifle" was originally made before the third world war to replace the M4 series weapons, but had seen long use under many different weapons. The amounts of these weapons were produced in the millions - this being the main reason why it's still found today, still being reliable, albeit being slowly phased out by the SCR and Levi. Here are examples of the TSR family weapons.
    • TSR-31 - One of the two main variants, being a rifle - still being used in Deep Six.
    • TSR-29 - TSR-29- A carbine chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, the second of the two main variants. Despite it has been phased out in the 2090s, the USCPF have bought many of these rifle back due to the Atlanta Crisis. It is also used in Deep Six as well.
    • TSR DMR -
    • TSR LSW -
  • SCR-95 -or "Standard Combat Rifle" is a weapon made to replace the TSR in 2095, chambered with 5.56x45mm being able to fire in automatic, burst or semi-automatic, and commonly used in long-medium close range distances. The SCR is usually seen by squad leaders, due to their expensive design with new materials and design features, meaning it wasn't as mass produced as the Levi. This also means its usually only seen by eastern USCPF, due to how well militarized they are. (Found in Deep Six)
  • SCR-25 - Another weapon of the "Standard Combat Rifle" family that prove useful during World War 3, being mass produced and having good recoil. It was made to replace the Scar-H in 2025.
  • Levi-3- The standard infantry weapon of the USCPF, claimed to be one of the best performing weapons in the world with a battle proof design. It was created in the 2090s for similar use to that of the SCR, to replace the aging TSR series. (Found in Rain and Deep Six)
  • MR0/1- Two type of modular rifles with MR0 chambered in 5.56x45mm and the MR1 chambered in 7.62x51mm with a holographic sight, seen in Deep Six. (Found in the original, Osaka and Sandstorm)
  • Chimera- A sniper rifle that is used by USCPF snipers.
  • Reiner- A LMG thats is capable serving as a general purpose machine gun.
  • Maxwell- A 9mm pistol that is used by the USCPF
  • Mendel- A 10mm auto pistol that is in every game with the USCPF.
  • Shockbreach- A fairly rare taser seen in the hands of USCPF.

Uniform of the USCPF by Game

  • After The Flash..:
  • After The Flash: Osaka:
  • After The Flash: Sandstorm:
  • After The Flash: Rain:
  • After The Flash: Deep Six: The USCPF soldiers wears a green combat uniform, usually made from chemically handled weatherproof material, usually with hard black gloves that can at time, fracture bones.

Personal Equipment

  • A USCPF soldier have a heavy pack which includes a load bearing equipment, a rucksack and a Helmet (with goggles) in Deep Six.
  • A USCPF soldier also have a light pack which includes a load bearing equipment and a patrol cap.