The DECorp seal.

Following the horrific nuclear exchange during the later months of the year 2032, known as The Flash, those left alive abandoned whatever they were doing to find loved ones, family, friends, and all the necessities to continue living. The workers of the Pre-War weapons manufacturing company known as DECorp was no exception, finding it's previously loud and unstoppable Headquarter factory silent and inactive. Dust settled over it's labs, weapon testing areas, and general assembly lines, remaining untouched for years.

Some time after, a group of survivors made up of previous employees and random wastrels accessed the nearly forgotten complex, using their various backgrounds to gain access to the facility. Inside the key coded doors lay a horde of weaponry, supplies, and other essential goods for the small group to survive on.

The group slowly grew larger and larger, and began risking external exploration. Their high tech weaponry and seemingly unscathed gear drew eyes, and finding that they sheltered in the old DECorp Headquarters, gained the moniker of it's original owners.

The settlers, now known as DECorp, eventually came into contact with the USCPF. Seeing USCPF as their previous customers, DECorp allied itself with them, offering their relatively mint condition factory in exchange for necessities like food.

As DECorp's wealth grew, so did its members, eventually finding themselves with nothing other to do then mercenary work. Continuing to honor their nickname, the teams they send out are well equipped, albeit small.

DECorp, in the years after the beginning of the USCPF-CDF war, the group routinely sends out salvagers, maintains numerous outposts, and offers it's military and manufacturing services to the USCPF, its allies, and fellow survivors, assuming they're not CDF supporters.

DECorp stands for DESERT Corporation. It is unknown where this name comes from in lore, however, it is derived from DESERT Nation (a very old war clan that ChadtheCreator was heavily involved in) OOCly.


DECorp members use the standard ATF equipment, but with a backpack and rigging. DECorp Assualt Specialists use AZTECs and Levi-3s. It is unclear what they are allowed in terms of sidearms. CQC Specialists ar equipped with room clearing equipment, such as shotguns and SMGs. Other Field Officers are allowed to use a wide variety of weapons. Other roles include a mechanical repair role, heavy field support role, and even a Medical Specialist role.