These are crime rates throughout the post-war US and Tidewater states.

2096 (Atlanta Crisis begins): Edit

Tidewater: 86.9%

New Atlanta: 90.6%

Georgia: Between 65.8% and 73.4%

Kansas: 45%

KC: 93.2%

United States: 59.6%

2100-2103 (post-Crisis): Edit

Tidewater: 79.6%

New Atlanta: 71.4%

Georgia: 76%

Kansas: 65%

KC: 73.5%

United States: 61.5%

2115 (A New War) Edit

SS: 75.7%

New Atlanta: 67.8%

Tidewater: 82.4%

Northside: 58.2%

Whitman Bay: 61%

United States: 55%

I used as accurate information as I could. Please believe me, I love the community and only want to improve it.

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