The Symbol of the CDF

The Civilian Defense Front is a faction founded by civilian survivors of the flash with the intent of protecting other wastelanders, leading them to a better life and to a new nation built out of the ashes. Until the 2080s, in which the Front was converted into the military of the newly founded People's Republic of Tidewater (PRT), and conducting heavy trade with the Brazilian Republic, improved its standards of training and equipment. By the events of ATF: Deep Six, the CDF has been converted from local bands of rag-tag militia, to an organized, well equipped and trained national military.

Hostilities with the USCPF

As of ATF: Deep 6, the tensions between the eastern CDF and USCPF have erupted into full blow war. As for the west (and Hawaii), the CDF and USCPF maintain an uneasy peace, diplomatic relations still ongoing, but both factions having full support for their side of the war in the east.

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