[ARCHIVED: Faction has been Kebabed]

Lore : Edit

"Not much is known about this faction. Estimates would suggest that at the most, they'd have 100 members. They are often seen along the US border in Georgia and Alabama robbing blackmarket dealers. B3 will usually strip small groups of civilians of their belongings in the north or southside. They tend to stay away from the bigger factions, such as USCPF, CDF and MEB, but they will defend themselves of course. B3 also isn't allied with any factions whatsoever. They'll sometimes hold small attacks or steal from citizens, stores, or even CDF in Southside, but nothing too big.

B3 usually is spotted in the South Poor Neighborhood. They've chased out the remnants of the residents, claiming it as theirs."

Uniforms : Edit

Uniforms in the store are not required, buy them if you want. Customs are also allowed, send the template to any C rank+ and await approval.

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