Note: Faction was recently brought back, so I will update this page.

Lore :

[ATF] The Bouncing Border Bandits are a criminal and bandit faction based out of the border area of Georgia, in ATF: D6. Not much is known about this group. Formed shortly after the war between the USA and PRT began, forcing much of the law abiding population of Southside to flee, the current group known as B3 is made up of multiple criminal factions, that joined together as one loosely affiliated group. There is no set in stone hierarchy, besides the higher ranking members of the group, which are often leaders of the dissolved criminal factions before the civil war. There is believed to be one leader, but nobody other than the high ranking members of the group could say their identity for sure. The person who most often deals with the group and runs things, is the Right Hand. While the group is largely formed out of separate criminal factions, individual cliques within the group operate extremely well together and are closely bonded. There is a general feeling of honor among thieves, and the group is, in a way, a big family. B3 actively takes part in all manners of crime. Robbery, smuggling, assault, and various other unsavory acts. They are active all over the Southside/Northside area, and there is no specific base of operations. Any place where civilians can be found, B3 can be found also, though there are areas such as The Mall and the Den where criminals tend to hang out more often than law abiding citizens. It isn’t wise, however, to cluster many people into a small area such as the apartments, as this could draw attention from law enforcement. B3 often travels in small groups of 4-8 men, robbing unsuspecting civilians outside of the city limits of Southside and the town by the Bay. They will occasionally engage with factions they come into contact with, but will often scatter and retreat, being largely outgunned by the main factions. B3 will NOT directly ambush squads of soldiers under normal circumstances. In certain circumstances, especially when groups such as TIFEPOL or opposing criminal factions attempt to raid, B3 will fight back. However, since the average member lacks training, it is best to avoid these fights altogether. It is important to exercise common sense when roleplaying either alone, or as a group in B3. Don’t assault people in direct sight of the CDF or TIFEPOL. That will get you ICly killed and OOCly demoted. Try to think outside the box. The entire map is B3’s playground, and you are free to roam.