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The Anniversary pack gives you access to three weapons, which were standard issue weapons for the USCPF in the 2040s

TSR Edit

Based off the M14 EBR, the TSR is a three-burst 5.56x45mm cartridge user. Known as the TSR-31 by remnant military personel, these were standard issue to USCPF in during the nuclear winter. These were favored by most USCPF personel. It was durable, was accurate, recoil wasn't as harsh, packed a punch. It was later replaced by the Levi-3 due to the fact that it took too much materials to produce one. This uses a 20-round magazine.

4-Gauge Edit

The 4-Gauge is a was developed by Mossberg back in the 2020's. Having a wooden frame, a cheap barrel, and extremely cheap production value, it was hated. Military personel mostly ditched this weapon, as it jammed, wasn't durable, and packed too far of a punch. Ammunition was expensive, and it only carried 6 shells in the chamber. USCPF found this useless once they adopted it, and soon replaced it.

Mendel-11 Edit

The Mendel-11 is a handgun made in 2011 by an unknown company. There are two current variants of the Mendel-11, the civilian-police variant using 9x19mm, a comfortable silk grip, and was lighter. The other variant, the Mendel-11M used .45 Super, having high velocity, high accuracy, though an unsustainable amount of recoil, it was clear why it was meant for military personel. The USCPF grew a high-liking to it, and kept use of it until the 2060's, being replaced by the Mendel due to the fact the Mendel-11M was als produced with a silk hand grip, making it expensive for production.

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