This is an unofficial timeline of the Darkness canon, which is separate from the main canon. It is best read with the alternate lore in a tab beside it, as it offers details.

Please only post information that's official and that xbe verified through a message exchange with Chad.

Timeline Edit

1960s Edit

  • 1969: The US invaded North Vietnam in early 1969 in this timeline, and destroyed the communist regime.

1970s Edit

  • 1970: Fearing that the US was planning an invasion on Guangzhou, the Chinese, with the help of the USSR, invaded North Vietnam in February. The US was pushed from North Vietnam in less than 2 months.
  • 1971: Russia launched two nuclear missiles at two US bases along the North-South Vietnamese border in June.
  • 1971: The L.A. Bloods are formed in Roland High School in 1971.

1980s Edit

1990s Edit

  • 1992: CDF builds Central Town.

2000s Edit

2010s Edit

  • 2019: USCPF remnants build surface base in New York.

2020s Edit

2030s Edit

2040 Edit

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