After the Flash: Osaka is the second game in the ATF series, and the first with a subtitle. It takes place in the city of Osaka, Japan. After The Flash Osaka takes place in 2054.

Biggest faction: NJLF


The current thumbnail of ATF II.

Description Edit



Factions Edit

NJLF: New Japan Liberation Force Edit

The NJLF were founded at an indeterminate time, as are the next few factions. They are very hostile to the USMC and the RSW, and seek to destroy the mutants as well.

Their base is Camp Nagasaki.

RSW: Rising Sun Warriors Edit

The RSW is a faction set on creating a new Japanese government based on honor. They help everybody in need, except Americans. They are very charismatic

Their base is.Fort Victory

USMC: United States Marine Corps Edit

The USMC was a strong force before the war, and the USMC had launched a full-scale coastal invasion on China before the nuclear war had begun. The war destroyed the United States, and so stranded many soldiers stranded in the wastelands of their very enemies. Everyone hates them for the basic reason that is they demolished their country.

The USMC has a small group of shacks near a crashed UR-22.

Hiroshima Kamari(s) Edit

A professional baseball team hailing from Hiroshima. Their bus was on the way back to Hiroshima from a game when catastrophe struck. Due to EMP waves, radiation, and nuclear bombs, they have been stranded in Osaka since the beginning of the war.

Their base is a repurposed recreational center.

Mutants Edit

Mutated Refugee Edit

One step down from humans, they can be cured more easily than other variants. They are both allied with mutants and refugees.

Stages RAD-1 through RAD-3.

Crusher Edit

Very strong in both limbs, very fast, and can kill in one blow.

The 7th stage of the RAD-X virus.

Sapiens Edit

Mindless mutants, the only similar thing they have to humans are their body structure, and not even that helps.

The 5th stage of the RAD-X virus.

Leacher Edit

The least human-like mutant, they have the ability to shoot a cell airborne up to 15 feet. They have 3 limbs and 2 heads.

The 8th stage of the RAD-X virus.

Malevolent and Malicious Ones Edit

Mutants that will kill anything and everything. They do not discriminate between human and mutant. They must be killed at all costs.

The 9th stage of the RAD-X virus.

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