Lore Edit

The Asian Continental Military Force is a powerful military alliance of influencial Asian nations. They don't get along well at all with NATO.

Turkey Edit

There has been a few people in the ATF Community/Fandom that have been saying "UM ACTUALLY, TURKEY IS APART OF NATO!" Which either means they're too dumb, or just say it to annoy people. Anyways. Turkey in the ATF Universe left NATO to join the ACMF, the ACMF didn't bully them, or say they'll 9/11 their country, Turkey just decided to leave. The ATF NATO group even says Turkey left them to join the ACMF. So, I've LITERALLY told you about Turkey, okay?

At the end of the day. Turkey in the ATF Universe is apart of the ACMF, remember this a game where the universe as a whole changes. If you are still gonna complain about this be my guest. But I have just told you. Other than that, have a nice day!

Submarine Edit

In 2045, the submarine was abandoned by the people maintaining it they had left it in a cove which, for a time, was relatively undisturbed. The submarine was underwater for a large portion of its existence. A few scavengers here and there found it, but up until Whitman Bay was reformed, most were killed by the remaining ACMF or just couldn't get in. Eventually, those ACMF left the submarine, and had a few kids. Those kids took up finding the submarine, and that's where it is now. -Credit to jasonthekiller for the submarine lore.

Please note: A few fisherman did find it, but for the most part, stayed away from popular rumours or couldn't get in. Plus, a lot of the items in the submarine are either stolen or bought. They aren't all pre-war items. -Credit to Skelethon.

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